Chlorine Tablets Are Used To Clean Pool Water

People that have pools know how important it is to maintain those pools to keep the water clear and sparkly. Having clean water in a pool is essential. Not only does clean water look more enticing and desirable it is also much healthier than water that is not clean. Many people use chlorine tablets to keep their pool free of algae and other harmful organisms.

Why Chlorine Tablets Are So Popular

Having a pool can be a big responsibility. Yes, it is a lot of fun to splash around in the pool with family and friends on hot summer days or to organize delicious barbeques around the pool while relaxing and enjoying your time with loved ones, but there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to keep that pool looking so nice. Some people, when they first get their pool, can feel overwhelmed by everything that they must do in order to keep their pools clean. If they do not understand how the chemicals work or fear that they will do something wrong they may add too much chlorine to their pool to get it extra clean. But this only leads to a pool that is so heavy with chlorine that people don’t want to swim in it. If too few cleaning ingredients are added to a pool the water will get murky and bacteria and algae will begin to build up in the water making it undesirable. This is where chorine tablets come in handy.

Using Tablets of Chlorine in Your Pool

Many people enjoy using tablets of chlorine because they provide the perfect amount of chemicals to add to a pool. This takes out the guess work in regards to keeping pools clean and helps prevent people from adding either too much chlorine or not enough. Chlorine can be added in a few different ways. It can be put into a chemical floater or added to your skimmer. It also can be put into an automatic chlorinator or sprinkled directly into the water of the pool. The method that you chose to use will be determined by the type of pool you have, if you are running a filter and how much the water is moving around inside the pool.

Asking For Help

If you have a pool and are confused about the best way to care for it then the best thing to do is reach out to an expert to get help and advice. A pool expert can answer your questions about chlorine and other cleaning agents that you can use in your pool and will help you understand how to keep your pool in excellent condition.

Picking the Right Chlorine Free Water Treatment

If a property owner wants to pick the right chlorine free water treatment, they will need to review all of the different solutions before making a decision on which one to use. The first step is to list all of the water treatment systems that do not use chlorine. After the individual has identified all of these systems, they should look at the science behind the technology and figure out if it makes sense. If the science does not make sense then it would not be wise to use that system. Even if the chlorine free water treatment does make sense, the individual will still need to spend some additional time screening these solutions before making any choices.

Key Questions to Address When Reviewing Chlorine Free Water Treatments

How long has the company offering these solutions has been in operation. As a rule only deal with firms that have been providing chlorine free water treatments for more than six years. The longer the organization has been in operation the more reliable their system should be, but it would be prudent to look for feedback left by individuals who are using these systems. A good way to find these testimonials is by looking on the website belonging to the company offering the chlorine free water treatment. While reviewing the comments that were left by other individuals, it will become clear, whether this particular water treatment system is the best option. Once the individual has identified the solution that is clearly the best choice out there, the next step is to start pricing out the solution.

Pricing Out a Chlorine Free Water Treatment Solution

When the individual has identified a specific chlorine free water treatment they prefer over all of the others, it is time to start comparing the prices being quoted. In order to get a good price, the individual will have to factor in the cost of installation. Installing one of these systems is not something a person can do on their own, it takes specialized training. After gathering all of the pricing details, the consumer should be able to pick the firm that has the most competitive offer and deal exclusively with them.

Consumers who really want to find a chlorine free water treatment must follow all of these tips in detail. If the individual sticks with all of these suggestions they should be able to make a better informed decision, so now would be a great time to start the preliminary due diligence.

Most Cost Effective Way to Sanitize a Pool 

Individuals who want to keep their pool clean and save money in the process must review all of the different pool sanitizing solutions that are available on the market. The initial step is identifying all of the different options by going online and searching for “pool sanitize,” it will provide a comprehensive list of the various ways to keep a pool clean. The majority of treatments involve the use of chemicals however; there are alternatives that use ozone gas and electricity to purify the water. In order to make a better-informed decision, the individual will need to look at the total volume of water they need to have treated – each pool sanitizing option has its benefits and limitations. When the pool owner has established the total volume of water they process on a regular basis, the next step is to list all of the solutions that meet those requirements.

Things to Keep in Mind When Reviewing Pool Sanitation Options

Now that the individual has identified the pool sanitization solutions that can handle the volume of water, they have to look at how the system works. If the pool owner is using chemicals, then they will need to use the right mixture and add the chemicals on a regular basis, which can be rather time consuming. Another option is to use the gas or electrical based solution, but these will usually require professional installation. Aside from installing the system, there is the cost to maintain that should be taken into consideration. When the pool owner has selected the system they feel is the most suitable and priced right, they should look for comments made by people who are actively using the solution.

Picking the Most Popular Pool Sanitation System

The pool owner will need to look on the Internet for reviews and comments posted by individuals who are actually using these pool sanitation systems. While looking over the comments that were made it will provide the pool owner with all of the information that they need to move forward with the transaction. By investing in a good quality, pool sanitation system, the individual should be able to enjoy their pool for many years to come.

If a person follows these suggestions, they should be able to find the right pool sanitation solution, so go on the Internet and start the review. Once the system is in place the individual will have peace of mind knowing that everything will be fine.

Proper way to Save Money on Copper Ionization

Consumers, who want to save money treating pool water and water for their homes or businesses, should consider using copper ionization instead of chlorine. Many different types of copper ionization are available, so what an individual needs to do is look at all of the different options. While looking over the different options, an individual also needs to find out whether the process can handle the volume of water they require. This is a very important question, especially when dealing with industrial applications where the amount of water being used is vast and under high pressure. Once the consumer has refined their list of copper ionization to only handle their specific filtration needs, they will need to start looking for organizations that are selling them over the Internet at competitive prices.

Securing the Best Priced Copper Ionization Options

After the consumer has established which brand and type of copper ionization solution is best suited for their needs the next step is looking at the prices being quoted by the vendors. Make a list of the top 20-30 retailers based solely on the price they are charging. Once the consumer has completed the pricing review and identified all of the retailers that have competitive pricing the consumer can proceed to the next step.

Right Way to Screen a Vendor

When the consumer has found the vendors with the most competitive pricing, they will need to find out whether the organization offering the copper ionization solution is honest. The only way a person can do this effectively is to look on the Internet for reviews posted by former clients. While reading over all of the comments that were made it should provide the consumer with the information, they need to make the right buying decision. If the retailer is very new and does not have a well-established reputation, then the consumer should think about dealing with another, more established online vendor.

If a person follows all of these suggestions, they should be able to find the best copper ionization resource for their needs. By using copper instead of chlorine, the consumer is reducing the risk of serious health complications down the road. If the copper ionization does require installation then the consumer will need to seek out a qualified contractor that has experience in this niche, the sooner the due diligence begins the happier the consumer will be.

Easiest Way to Purchase a Pool Salt Chlorinator

If a consumer is really interested in purchasing a pool salt chlorinator, these suggestions will help make the shopping experience more conducive. The initial step in the process is to list all of the different types of pool salt chlorinators that are currently being sold. After the consumer has gathered the names of all the different pool salt chlorinators, they should refine the list to only include those that can handle the volume of water the consumer requires. Now that the consumer knows which types of pool salt chlorinators are compatible with their pools, they will need to read over testimonials left by consumers who have used these devices in the past.

Simplest way to Find Pool Salt Chlorinator Reviews

A very good way to find pool salt chlorinator reviews is by looking on the Internet for reviews posted by other consumers who purchased these devices in the past. While reading over the comments that were made by these individuals a consumer should be able to find the brand of pool salt chlorinator that is more popular than all of the others in the market. After the consumer has selected the brand of pool salt chlorinator that is the most popular, they can start looking for retailers that are selling them.

Getting a Great Deal on a Pool Salt Chlorinator

The only way to get a good deal is by comparing the prices being charged by all of the online vendors. While comparing the prices that each vendor is quoting it would be wise to include the cost of shipping if that was not already included in the quote. When the consumer has compiled all of the pricing details, they should be able to identify the online vendor with the best pricing but there is one-step left which is screening the vendor to make sure they are acceptable. A good way to assess the viability of the online retailer is by reading over testimonials that were left on the Internet. One of the simplest ways to find these testimonials is by going to one of the popular social networking websites and reading over the comments made by other consumers.

If a person follows all of these recommendations, they should be able to save money on a brand new pool salt chlorinator. These tips are pretty simple to follow but if the consumer rushes the odds of making a costly mistake increase dramatically.

Say Goodbye To Chlorine With A Chemical Free Swimming Pool

If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to keep your pool gorgeous and sparklingly clean without the heavy use of chlorine, look no further—the answer is yes. Our ionization systems allow you to have a chemical free swimming pool with ongoing, nontoxic sanitization of your pool’s water. Read on to learn more!

Technology Proven By Centuries of Use

So how does this ionization system work? After being installed with your existing pool equipment, your pool’s water will filter through a chamber containing silver and copper electrodes, which release silver and copper ions into the water. As our research shows, silver and copper have been used throughout history for their antibacterial and antiviral properties, and are still used today in this regard. Both silver and copper ions play a crucial part in enabling a chemical free swimming pool that is free of common contaminants like algae and e. coli, as well as sweat, oils, and substances like suntan lotion from the body.

Improved Filtration

With our technology, the ions remain in the water for an extended period of time until they attack and bond to the cells of bacteria, viruses, and algae. Without these ions, these pesky cells can slip by your pool’s filtration system because they are simply too small. Once the ions bond with these cells, however, they become large enough to be caught in your pool’s filtration system. With our included test kit, you’ll be able to track the ions in the water in order to consistently maintain the proper levels for optimal sanitization.

Swim Without the Side Effects

You’ve likely experienced the post pool effects of chlorine. Red eyes, a sore throat, dry skin, and brittle hair. You might even run the risk of a bleached and faded bathing suit. Have you considering the effect that bathing in chemicals has on your body, and your family’s bodies? While chlorine keeps certain bacteria out of your pool, you have to wonder the cost at which these benefits are coming to you, as the chemical is absorbed through your skin, and extended contact can potentially cause health problems. With a chemical free swimming pool, you’ll be able to swim without these side effects in crystal clear, odorless water, while still having complete confidence about the elimination of harmful bacteria from your pool.

Even without using large amounts of chlorine, you can still feel confident that your pool is at an optimal level of cleanliness and safety. Here at Clearwater Pool Systems, we offer a range of products to help you easily transition on your way to a cleaner, safer, chemical free swimming pool.

Ready to make the switch to a chemical free swimming pool? Check out our products and find more information about our amazing ionization system at Clearwater Pool Systems.

Chlorine Free Ways to Keep Your Pool Clean

If a person is looking for an easier way to keep their pool clean and do not want to rely on chlorine there are products available in the market that can help them. These products are sometimes referred to as “chlorine free pool shock” and that is precisely what it does. It shocks the water providing the same positive effects as chlorine, with none of the consequences like burning eyes, skin and rashes that never go away.

Benefits of Chlorine Free Pool Shock Products

Since chlorine can be harmful to the skin and damage the environment, consumers have been looking for a safer alternative. One of the most effective options is the use of ‘Ozone,’ which kills algae and other compounds in the water without having to use chlorine. This “Ozone” does not harm humans, pets, or the environment, so there is little to no risk. The challenge is finding the system that will provide the greatest amount of cleaning for the least amount of cash.

Picking the Right Pool Cleaning System

The first step is looking at the size of the pool and how much water will be cleaned on a regular basis. These systems are usually rated on the number of gallons they clean so once that number has been established it is time to begin reviewing these various chlorine free pool shock products. Find out whether the firms manufacturing these systems have been in operation for many years or have they just started. Generally speaking, the longer the company has been producing these pool-cleaning systems, the more suitable they should be. Look for feedback made by other property owners who are using the pool cleaning products.

When pricing out the chlorine free pool products it would be prudent to try to deal directly with the company that actually makes the product. By going directly to the source the consumer should be able to get good pricing without having to sacrifice quality. Since on the topic of pricing, never for a moment think that the higher priced solutions provide superior results. The reality is they do not. In order to make the right choice the onus is on the pool owner to perform his or her own due diligence. Only when this has been completed can they keep their pool clean without relying on chlorine. The more pool owners who use this safer alternative the healthier people will be.

How to Get the Best Pool Ionization System

A swimming pool represents one of the largest investments a homeowner can make so they should try their level best to properly maintain it. One of the biggest challenges a pool owner will face is getting rid of algae, which can build up over time. In the past, the only option aside from draining the pool and refilling it was using industrial grade chemicals, like chlorine, which killed everything in the water and actually made swimmers ill. Technology has advanced in recent years, which has led to the development of a pool ionization system that will eradicate all of the algae in the water without putting the swimmers at risk.

Benefits of Using a Pool Ionization System

There are a few distinct benefits associated with using a pool ionization system and the first immediate benefit is the cost savings. While chlorine is cheap to purchase, over time the total cost of using this treatment to remove algae from the water can get very expensive. Ionization technology does not incur the ongoing costs that chlorine does, but that does not mean it is free.

The average system will process up to 40,000 gallons of water before it has to be recharged with new ionization compounds. 40,000 gallons of water is a tremendous amount especially when looking at the cost of chlorine.

Not All Pool Ionization Systems Are the Same

There are many different pool ionization systems available but not all of them are suitable. It would be smart to find out how long the company has been producing these ionization systems. Look at the science behind the ionization system to make sure it will kill algae in the water before it can grow. Once these steps have been completed, an individual can now start comparing the prices being charged by the various firms that are selling these pool ionization systems.

While reviewing the prices, remember that a higher price does not mean the system will do a better job. To make an informed decision, an individual has to read over the testimonials left by people who are actually using these pool ionization systems. When this due diligence has been completed, the individual should be able to make the right decision.

The process of buying a pool ionization system is quite simple but in order to get the best possible value a person has to do his or her own research or run the risk of spending more than necessary.

How to Safely Deal With Swimming Pool Algae

If an individual owns a swimming pool, one of the biggest challenges they will have is safely removing the swimming pool algae before it builds up in the water. In the past, the only way to deal with the algae was by using harsh chemicals like chlorine, which did help reduce the total amount of algae and other debris in the water but it also irritated the skin of people in the pool. Fortunately, science has identified different ways to reduce the total amount of swimming pool algae without jeopardizing the health of the swimmer. This science was developed in part by NASA, which is amazing that the same science used by astronauts is also helping to keep our pools clean.

Selecting the Right Swimming Pool Products

In order to select the right products to remove swimming pool algae an individual should try to find out everything they can about the product. What are the chemical components of the swimming pool treatment? Two of the most powerful compounds are copper and silver. When used in the right combination, they can kill algae without introducing toxic substances into your pool. While the products do help reduce the amount of toxic substances in the water, it will not remove the debris left by the algae. Therefore, meaning that there will be a requirement for moderate amount of chlorine to remove the debris from the dead algae to keep the water clean.

Tips Consumers Need To Follow

When a consumer is looking for a superior swimming pool algae treatment, they should look for products that have the largest number of positive reviews on the Internet. There are solutions like those offered by Clearwater pool systems, which can meet all of your pool cleaning needs without breaking your budget in the process. While on the subject of budget, the cost of treating water with copper and silver is significantly lower than what an individual would pay for chlorine but they really need to perform their own due diligence to make sure the solution they buy is the best possible quality.

Now that everyone is aware of this swimming pool algae treatment, they should really make an effort to start using it. It will get rid of the algae while not harming the environment. The more people who start using this pool treatment, the less chlorine we are introducing into the environment, which is something that everyone can appreciate.

The Swimming Pool Ionizer: A Safe Alternative to Chlorine

Today’s pool owner has a variety of options when it comes to keeping their pool waters clean and crystal clear. While chlorine is still the standby choice, a growing number of homeowners are choosing alternative methods due to safety concerns. We at Clearwater Pool Systems provide our customers with the option of a swimming pool ionizer to sanitize their pool so that they may enjoy a safer and healthier swimming experience.

What Is a Swimming Pool Ionizer?

Unlike chlorine systems which use harsh chemicals to clean your pool, our swimming pool ionizer is able to sanitize your waters through the use of copper and silver ions. The ionizer produces a very low voltage current which discharges negatively charged silver and copper ions into your pool. These ions are able to effectively bond to the unwanted viruses, bacteria and algae in the pool by penetrating through their cellular wall and throwing off the cell’s enzyme balance.

Another benefit that comes with using a swimming pool ionizer is improved pool filtration. Viruses, bacteria and algae are typically too small to be swept into your swimming pool’s filtration system. But by having the copper and silver ions bond to these nasty particles, they then become large enough to be filtered and removed by your pool’s filter system.

Why Salt Water Systems Are Not the Answer

One common misconception that we hear from our customers at Clearwater Pool Systems is that a salt water pool system will eliminate the need for chlorine. What many pool owners do not realize is that salt water systems are still producing chlorine – they just do so in a different way. Many report that salt water systems are less damaging and kinder to their skin and eyes but do not be fooled. These systems are designed to turn salt into chlorine and kill off viruses, bacteria and algae in the same way.

Why Pool Ionizers Are a Safer Choice

Many of us have all experienced the stinging, irritated skin and red eyes that come with chlorine treated pools. But these aren’t the only concerns that many swimmers have when entering a chlorinated pool:

  • Toxins in the chlorine are absorbed through the skin
  • Chlorine can trigger eczema or aggravate bronchial issues such as asthma
  • Preliminary studies have suggested that chlorine exposure may be linked to certain types of cancer

Our company chooses to offer a solution for those who, like us, are concerned about using chlorine in the pool. The pool ionizers and ozone systems that we offer our customers are not harmful to one’s skin and don’t leave one’s skin and hair smelling of chlorine. For those who are concerned about whether or not their pool water is being fully sanitized, there is still the option to add a bit of chlorine to your water with this type of system.