Four Advantages of Ozone for Swimming Pools

At Clearwater Pool Systems, our goal is to enhance a pool owner’s experience. We entered into the pool industry with one mission in mind: to make pools safer for bathers. One way in which we have done so is by offering safe and healthy sanitizing systems for our customers, such as ozone for swimming pools.

Why Choose Ozone for Swimming Pools?

Most of us are familiar with chlorine sanitizing systems, but the truth is that ozone for swimming pools has been in use for well over 50 years in Europe. It has only been over the past decade in which American pool owners are beginning to recognize this unique sanitizing system’s merits as concerns about chlorine continue to rise.

1. Fewer Chemicals in Your Pool

When used properly, ozone will drastically cut back the need to add chemicals to your pool in two ways:

  1. Properly integrated and measured ozone will act as your pool’s primary disinfectant and oxidizer, reducing the amount of bromine or chlorine necessary to keep your pool water healthy.
  2. When used with sodium bromide, ozone does have the ability to regenerate the spent bromide. This can reduce the use of these chemicals by as much as 60%.

2. A Better Disinfectant

Our ozone systems have proven time and time again to be able to disinfect pools faster and better than chlorine systems. One study which revealed ozone for swimming pools was superior to chlorine involved the bacteria E. coli. When 0.1mg/L of ozone came in contact with the bacteria, it was able to completely destroy it in less than 12 seconds.

3. Increased Comfort

Many of our customers come to Clearwater Pool Systems because they are dissatisfied with how comfortable their pool water is. Chlorine and even salt systems have the potential to irritate the skin, eyes, and airways of bathers. When customers switch to our ozone system, however, they report greater comfort. There is no strong residual chlorine odor, skin and eyes are not irritated, and bathers with respiratory issues are able to breathe freely and without issue.

4. Enhanced Water Quality

Our ozone products will significantly improve the quality of your pool water. Once applied to pool water, a process called “micro flocculation” occurs. This forces many of the organic contaminants in your swimming pool to group together and to be more easily removed by your ozone resistant sand filter.

One important point that we stress when our customers opt for our ozone system is that it will only be as effective as your overall system is. In order to work best for your pool, it is important that your pool have a proper water turnover rate, an efficient filtration system, and balanced water chemistry. These aspects, when combined with ozone, will deliver superior results for your pool water.

Swimming Pool Water Treatment Systems – Don’t Let Them Drown You

No one enjoys swimming in a dirty pool and who could blame them. It is also true that no one enjoys swimming in a pool that has algae and bacteria that is visible to the human eye. It is not just common sense that this is not healthy for you, it is also not enjoyable to anyone involved. When swimming you want to relax and enjoy the activity in clean, clear and safe water. To keep your swimming pool as clean and as enjoyable as possible, it is crucial that you have a water treatment system in place. Swimming pool water treatment systems are used to effectively treat and sanitize the water in your swimming pool. These systems treat your water using measures alternative to chemical treatment. Chemicals used to be the mainstream way of treating your swimming pool, but this is no longer true. The market of swimming pool water treatment systems has drastically changed over the years.

How Technology Effects Your Swimming Experience

It is hard to look out in to today’s world and find something that has not been directly affected by technology. This reigns true for swimming pools as well. With the growth in technologies and their applications, it comes as no surprise that it is also used in swimming pool water treatment systems as well. With systems such as ionization systems and ozone systems, technology now allows you to treat and sanitize your swimming pools’ water with a reduced amount of chemicals if not completely eliminating them all together. By reducing chemicals and using treatment systems your swim can be even healthier for you!

Types of Swimming Pool Water Treatment Systems

There are two main types of water treatment systems for your swimming pool. These include ionization systems and ozone systems. Ionization systems use micro-processor control boxes that send electrode signals out into the water. The electrode signals when released eliminate algae and bacteria in the water. Ozone systems help to treat swimming pool water by using ozone gas to sanitize and clean the water through oxidation of waste materials. Both of these swimming pool water treatment systems provide profound health benefits in comparison to chlorine.

These treatment systems come in a large range of models and sizes. There are models that will treat very small residential style swimming pools and there are also models that can help to treat very large swimming pools such as those in commercial waterparks. Depending on what your needs is exactly, the cost for a swimming pool water treatment system could range from a few hundred to a several thousand dollars.

The treatment system in your swimming pool is one of the most important decisions you will make in regards to your summer fun, so please choose responsibly.

Get Rid of the Green- Swimming Pool Algae Control

Everyone loves the happiness and enjoyment that can be had from owning a swimming pool. With all of the joys though, there are some downsides and the most common downside among pool owners is controlling algae. Algae, in moderation, is good for the aquatic environment and allows a healthy level of bacteria to survive. However, algae, like anything else in excess, is not good. It is not appealing to the eye, nor is it healthy for your pool and swimming environment.

Factors in Algae Control

Swimming pool algae control does not have to be a headache and is actually quite simple. The most important key in controlling algae is limiting the amount of chlorination and chemicals within the environment. There are a few different ways of limiting chlorination and the need for chemical additives. Two of these options are pool ionizers and ozone systems.

Ionizers such as MineralPURE are copper or copper/silver ionization systems designed to reduce the need for adding chlorine. This need is eliminated through implementing the micro-processor control box that is designed to send a signal to electrodes that are made of safe natural minerals. These electrodes then release ions which in return help to eliminate algae in your pool.

Ozone systems such as Ozone Max help with swimming pool algae control by eliminating chlorine residues and killing irritants such as bacteria, molds and viruses. Ozone systems cut back on algae by using ozone gas to clean and sanitize the environment by oxidation of negative waste material.

The Ultimate Combo

Ionization systems and Ozone systems can be used in conjunction with each other to make up the most powerful and affective swimming pool algae control system available in the world today. Combining an ozone system such as the Ozone MAX system with the MineralPURE ionization system you will be guaranteed crystal clear water that is of higher quality than the approved drinking water within the United States.

Models are available of both types of systems in a variety of different sizes to fit you needs. Whether you own your own swimming pool for personal use, or you are the owner of a waterpark with multiple indoor and outdoor pools, the use of ozone and ionization systems will lead to a better swimming experience all around.

The time to take action is now. Before it gets out of control and prevents you or your guests from enjoying some much deserved relaxation and enjoyment, act now. Not only will implementing one of these systems cut back on algae, it will also be a much healthier and happier swimming experience for everyone involved. Take control today and don’t let swimming pool algae control you this summer.

Just What Is a Pool Ionization System Anyway?

When it comes to the term pool ionization one of two things is going to come to mind. One is that you are amazed and completely satisfied with the super-efficient pool optimization system that you already own. Then there is the second thought, which is more likely, especially if you are anything like the majority of the population has no idea what a pool optimization system even is. The most important question you should be asking yourself is “do you need one?” The answer is yes, if you would like a clean, clear and healthier swimming pool.

The Benefits of Ionization

A pool ionization system is a great alternative to adding all of the traditional but harmful chemical solutions to your swimming pool. When you install an ionization system, your swimming pool will have water that is clear and clean to look at and swim in with your friends and family. After all, isn’t that what you deserve to have all year round?

It doesn’t stop there either; there are even more amazing benefits to installing a system in your pool! For example, you can add 18 different health benefits to your water alone just by adding a pool ionization system, you minimize corrosion to your pool and equipment, and you are also benefiting the environment by reducing chlorine absorption into the earth. Another key feature to these systems in a swimming pool is that they kill harmful algae and bacteria that live within the water. These systems usually pay for themselves in about two years due to the elimination of chemicals. Just think of all the time in money you will save, not to mention how much healthier you will be when swimming in a swimming pool with reduced chemicals all year round. It is easy to see that the benefits of one of these systems highly outweigh not having one it at all.

The Varieties

No matter what your specific needs are, you are guaranteed to find a great pool ionization system at a great cost. You can find these systems in a variety of sizes ranging from small ones that treat as little as 10 gallons of water all the way to larger ones that treat swimming pools and spas exceeding 60,000 gallons. Whether you have a residential, commercial or industrial need, there is a system out there for you. When you take into consideration all of the benefits and conveniences that installing an ionization system will bring, it is easy to see that in the long run, the save money and they make sense! So it is clear to see that a pool ionization system is great alternative to using chemicals. So to answer our question, yes you absolutely need one if you prefer to swim in cleaner, healthier water!

Why You Need a Salt Free Pool

Here are some scientific reasons you need a salt free pool. Did you know chlorine is a known carcinogen (a cancer causing agent)? Many people have switched to salt pools thinking they are no longer being exposed to chlorine. Unfortunately, the saltwater pools actually generate chlorine, and people with saltwater pools are still swimming in toxic chlorine. Many people are actually allergic to chlorine and may not know that saltwater pools still have chlorine. The only healthy alternative is a salt free pool that uses a mineral ionization process, which will allow you to either greatly reduce your chlorine content or completely eliminate it with the use of ozone. This is possible through a NASA licensed mineral ionization technology called MineralPURE and sold by Clearwater Pool Systems. MineralPURE passes a low DC voltage to electrodes, which generate positive ions from natural copper or copper and silver that last a long time to cleanse your pool water naturally.

Chlorine is Toxic to Your Health

Chlorine bleaches your clothes, and it leaves a smell on your skin and in your hair. Chlorine is known to be harmful to the environment and causes toxic fumes that are harmful to the lungs. It is also dangerous to work with and store. In a salt free pool, you will not absorb toxic chlorine through your skin. Your skin is the largest organ in the human body, and most people greatly underestimate its importance. Anything that comes in contact with your skin is actually absorbed into your digestive system.

Chlorine does not kill viruses, although it kills bacteria and algae. It is a well-known fact that copper ions help kill algae, while silver ions help kill both viruses and bacteria. That is why NASA licensed the MineralPURE system as a healthy alternative to chlorine.

Salt Free Systems Save You Money

A salt free pool will not only reduce your health risks but it will also save you money because the MineralPURE ionization system lasts a long time and requires less maintenance and expensive chemicals.Salt is corrosive and quickly breaks down equipment causing you to have to replace expensive parts often. Additionally, you will save money on skin moisturizers and shampoos that you need when you swim in chlorine.

OzoneMax is a product alternative for your salt free pool. Ozone is the strongest disinfectant in the world and fifty-five times stronger than chlorine. OzoneMax is a system sold by Clearwater Pool Systems that releases ozone into the water. The ozone molecule binds with the oxidizing substance, which can be body oil, suntan lotion, viruses or bacteria. The substances are then formed into clusters and filtered by the pools system easier. Ozone returns to oxygen once its third unstable electron is removed. Ozone is safe and will not cause any harmful side effects.

Why Ozone for Pools is Better than Chlorine

Chlorine has long been used in public and private pools to cut down on bacteria and provide cleaner, clearer water. However along with the chlorine comes the tell tale red eyes of the swimmer as well as issues such as swimmers’ ear, skin rashes and irritation and even dry, brittle hair. There are far more serious health issues associated with chlorine as well. Ozone for pools offers a number of benefits over chlorinated pools while still providing the same if not better risk of a toxic water environment.

The Down side of Chlorine

As you probably know your body will indicate it is having a reaction to something by obvious tell tale signs such as itchy watery eyes, skin rashes, breathing difficulties and overall itchiness. These are the very same issues most people experience when swimming in a chlorinated pool. Ozone for pools eliminates these symptoms as well as a few others such as the unpleasant smell caused by the chloramines produced by chlorine. Ozone for pools kills bacteria, viruses and protozoa that are the common causes of severe gastrointestinal illness which chlorine cannot do as effectively.

Necessary Disinfectant

We all know that whether it is a private pool or a public pool there is a necessity to disinfect the water. Chemical disinfectants are required in the interest of the public but are not required in a private pool. This gives home owners options to find non-chemical products such as ozone for pools. Unfortunately when it comes to chlorine there is medical evidence that indicates chlorine can cause respiratory issues due to inflammation. As well chlorine creates carcinogenic chloro-organic compounds such as trihalomethanes. Ozone eliminates the production of chloro-organics and is in fact used for filtering pool and drinking water worldwide. During the Atlanta Olympics many Europeans refused to swim in the chlorinated pools and they had to switch to ozone.

Build up of Carcinogens

Although red eyes and rashes appear immediately the carcinogens associated with chlorine can build up in your system and cause issues down the road. Chlorine is also dangerous due to the airborne endotoxins it produces. It is not uncommon for lifeguards to have Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis which causes coughing and wheezing due to exposure to the endotoxins. Ozone rids pools of the odors associated with chlorines and oxidizes and destroys oils as well as contaminants.

Last but not least ozone is PH neutral and does not add any irritating substances to the water. When used in combination with chlorine or bromines it stops the formation of substances such as chloro-organic by products and trihalomethanes making it effective both with and without chlorine.

Ionization as the Ideal Chlorine Alternative Pool Cleaner

There is no denying that a swim after a tiring day or journey is the best way to unwind. In fact the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) classifies this is as the third most popular exercise activity in the US. This is definitely good news but why are the faces of health experts still downcast?
Recent studies on chlorine use in pools have shocking news with concerns over respiratory, skin, eye and even cancer risks. In other words it is high time for a chlorine alternative pool cleaner. Luckily modern technology has incorporated an ancient idea in form of ionization to give you some relief as a home owner.

Overview of MineralPURE Ionization System

MineralPURE is one of the trendsetters in ionization as an alternative to chlorine pool cleaning. As a swimming pool owner all you need is a clean and safe pool and the intricate workings of an ionization unit might not be of use.

According to historians the ancient Greeks among other civilizations understood the benefits of silver and copper in cleansing water. This is the same technology that is used in the MineralPURE units where an ionizer system releases positive copper and silver ions into your pool water.

The main problem in your pool is infection caused by algae and bacteria and these are effectively killed by these ions. A National laboratory studies and research by the University of South Alabama reported that while chlorine has been recorded as the fastest bacteria killer ionization is even more efficient.

Why Ionization is the Buzz Today

Now that you have some insight on how an ionizer operates it is important to compare its functional benefit over what traditional chlorine offers;
Affordability; if you have a large pool you concur that pool cleaning can be expensive. With ionizing systems there are no chemicals to be bought any time you want to clean your pool.
Proven efficiency; for a system that borrows heavily from NASA technology there is no denying that ionization is more efficient than chlorine. Not only does this system work faster it also works for longer as the ions will remain in the water killing all organisms.

Safer cleaning; numerous studies have shown the effects of high levels of chlorine in swimming pools. These health risks might seem innocuous at first but they can exacerbate into bigger problems such as bladder cancer. There are also no hazards such as THM’s carcinogens when you ionize and with that your family’s overall health will improve.
Longer life for gear and equipment; Chlorine is a bleach and as such it affects most of the pool fittings and your swimming gear as well. With an ionizer this is not a concern as the only reaction that occurs is that of killing bacteria and algae.

The benefits of using this chlorine alternative are countless and the earlier you embrace this technology the better. MineralPURE offers you a wide range of systems to suit your needs be they commercial, residential or industrial.

Want a truly relaxing experience in your pool? You can only get in a clean pool so why not go all the way and ionize your pool?


Common Pool Problems avoided with a Chlorine Free Pool System

There are many pool problems you can avoid by opting for a chlorine free pool system. Chlorine free pool systems use ions created from copper and silver and naturally offer a way to keep your water pure and clean in hand with your pool’s filter system. Here are some common problems you can avoid by using a chlorine free pool system.

Chemical Smell

Chlorine is the culprit when it comes to that familiar chemical smell you not only sense when at the pool, but also once you leave it. It clings to your skin, hair and swim suit and it is not actually the chlorine itself but the chloramines that form due to the chlorine that smell. Chlorine will cling to anything in the water that shouldn’t be there from oils from skin lotions and hair products to bacteria and algae. The chemical reaction then creates chloramines that can cling to your clothes, skin and hair and create that unpleasant smell. A chlorine free pool system does not require large amounts of chlorine which means to chloramines.


Irritation from swimming is very common in chlorinated pools. Common complaints include itchy, burning eyes as well as skin that can break out in rashes or just feel dry and itchy. Hair can also become brittle in those who swim often and they actually make special swimmers’ shampoos to remove the chlorine from your hair. Again, it is not actually the chlorine that is causing these issues but the chloramines that form. However chloramines only form in chlorinated pools.


It is very difficult to avoid algae forming in your pool. The spores get blown around outside and can even come into your pool via someone’s swimsuit. Algae develop when a number of factors are just right including warmer water, sunlight to encourage growth and pool water imbalances. Most people use chlorine or algaecides to avoid algae growth but there is many other factors at play including the presence of nitrates and carbon dioxide. If you do not take the time to prevent the growth of algae it will set in and depending on the type of algae it will seem a completely fruitless effort to rid yourself of its clinging, unsightly existence. Algae does not harm humans but it will cause many issues for your pool including discolorations, cloudy water, clogging your pumping and filters and causing your sanitation system to stop working.

To avoid all of these problems a chlorine free pool system is the perfect answer. It will reduce the need for chlorine, prevent algae and offer pure clean water using copper and silver ions to destroy bacteria, algae and viruses naturally.

Chlorine Alternative Swimming Pools: 4 Innovative Options

Do you like swimming?

Most likely your answer is yes and this is true for most families across the U.S. However recent studies across the globe have brought to light some shocking findings on the state of most swimming pools. The culprit? Chlorine and this is why you need to think of chlorine alternative swimming pools for your property.

Chlorine is an essential cleaning component in almost every pool across the country and its cleaning credentials of chlorine are not in doubt. Its byproducts have however been found to pose health risks such as eye inflammation, respiratory issues among others.

But it is not all gloomy news because advances in pool cleaning technology are giving you chlorine pool alternatives that are not only safe but even more affordable. Here is a glimpse on the choices you have;

UV Filtration

The problem with your pool is of course bacteria, algae and other microorganisms. Ultra violet light can effectively kill these organisms as the water enters the pool. This is a non-chemical technology that eliminates 99.5% of pathogens in your pool leaving it with lesser chemicals.

This system works by interfering with the DNA or RNA of microorganisms in the water including algae, bacteria and cysts among others. Through highly concentrated electronic rays all organic matter is eliminated.

The Energy Protection Agency (EPA) reckons it is one of the most effective pool sanitizers, easy to install, operate and maintain. The World Health Organization (WHO) says that UV allows for 0.5 lower chlorine levels. If you want Olympic pool type water clarity the secret lies in using UV lamps.

Use of Ozone

Ozone is an unstable inorganic gas that has a pungent odor and is released when free oxygen atoms collide with oxygen molecules. It is manufactured by subjecting oxygen molecules to ionization or UV radiation.

This is a strong oxidizer that is far stronger than chlorine but has no effect on the PH levels of your pool. The downside of ozone just like UV light is that it leaves no sanitation behind and works only as the water enters the pool and not while your swim.


Ionizers are the in-thing when it comes to chlorine alternative swimming pools and for a good reason. This system works by releasing positive copper and silver ions into the swimming pool water. These ions kill any organisms in your pool and they work over a long time.

A pool ionizing unit is inexpensive to maintain and works over a long time than other alternatives to chlorine. It is also safer because no chemicals are introduced into the pool and does not affect your pool equipment. It is viewed as the ideal chlorine replacement.

Bromine Pool Cleaner

Bromine is a dark-reddish chemical that can be used in place of chlorine despite having almost the same qualities. While chlorine has harmful byproducts that are also of no use in the pool there is formation of bromamine when you use this chemical and it has some sanitizing effects. Bromine is a weak oxidizer which is a draw back and it is also expensive making it less appealing.

With this hindsight you can make a decision on which alternative you want to make but remember to assess the benefits and downside of each.


Benefits of a Chlorine Alternative Pool

Whether you have a pool or are getting ready to have one installed it is important to consider the benefits of a chlorine alternative pool. Chlorine has many disadvantages including being tied to cancer as well as being unsafe to handle. Here is an overview of the benefits of having a chlorine alternative pool.

The Chemicals

When it comes to chlorine there is no getting around the fact that it is a chemical. It is not only toxic to you and your family it is not good for the environment. As a chemical, chlorine poses a number of issues including:

  • It is explosive and unsafe to handle

  • It is toxic to your landscaping

  • It is toxic to the lungs and is also linked to cancer

  • It can leak hazardous benzene from the pipes

  • It creates cancer causing thrihalomethane as well as chloramines

  • It contains cyanuric acid

A chlorine alternative pool does not have any of these scary issues or affects as it is a perfectly natural process that has been used for centuries.

The Side Affects

Because chlorine is a chemical it causes many issues for swimmers including irritable skin, dry and brittle hair and eye irritation. As well it will fade swim suits and when used in liquid form with a shock treatment can even fade your pool lining. It is harmful to the environment and can be soaked into your lawn and surrounding plants causing damage and can even cause damage to local wildlife. Chlorine is also absorbed through the skin and the more you use, the worse the affects can become. A chlorine alternative pool does not have any of these dangerous side affects.


Chlorine costs money and also takes a lot of time to maintain. You have to add chlorine daily and if not applied with a dispenser you cannot swim while the chlorine puck is being used. As well when shocking the pool you cannot swim. A chlorine alternative pool requires little additional maintenance and is also easier on your pump as it requires fewer chemicals.

Killing Contaminants

Many people believe that it takes strong chemicals such as chlorine to kill contaminants. However a chlorine alternative pool can be just as effective at killing algae, bacteria ad viruses for safe and clear pool water that will get rid of the bad and leave only clean safe pool water the whole family can enjoy.