Clearwater Pool Systems – An Effective Pool Water Chlorine Alternative

Clearwater Pool Systems – An Effective Pool Water Chlorine Alternative

95% Chlorine Reduction in Residential Pools / 75% Chlorine Reduction in Commercial Pools Swimming is a fun and relaxing activity. It brings family and friends together, and provides hours of recreation.  However, there are health hazards associated with chlorine in swimming pools that can be remedied by using an alternative to chlorine. Skin and Eye […]

Help! My Pool Water is Cloudy

Help! My Pool Water is Cloudy

A Chlorine Free Pool System Can Help There are numerous reasons why your pool water is cloudy – many of which involve chlorine. For instance, if the chlorination in your pool is inconsistent, cloudiness can occur. Or, if the conditions have been optimum for algae, there could be an excess of algae in your pool […]

Selecting an Ozone / Swimming Pool Ionization System

Selecting an Ozone / Swimming Pool Ionization System

Ozone for swimming pools is now very popular.  Using a pool ionization system in conjunction with an ozone pool system helps you achieve the closest solution to a “no chlorine pool” possible. The Clearwater Pool System combines the best pool ionization system and ozone pool systems on the market.  Let’s take a look to see […]

What is Copper Ionization?

Copper ionization uses a low voltage current to release copper ions into your pool water. It is a safe way of cleaning your pool without the side effects of chlorine. People around the world have started using copper ionization to clean pools and kill tough bacteria. Historical Uses Copper has been used to purify drinking […]

The Benefits Of Water Ionizing In Swimming Pools

When most people think about how they can keep their pools clean they immediately think about chlorine. But in recent years people have discovered how toxic and dangerous chlorine can be. Overexposure to chlorine can cause a myriad of health conditions and increase the risk of children developing allergies or asthma. Excessive exposure to chlorine […]

Chlorine Tablets Are Used To Clean Pool Water

People that have pools know how important it is to maintain those pools to keep the water clear and sparkly. Having clean water in a pool is essential. Not only does clean water look more enticing and desirable it is also much healthier than water that is not clean. Many people use chlorine tablets to […]

Picking the Right Chlorine Free Water Treatment

If a property owner wants to pick the right chlorine free water treatment, they will need to review all of the different solutions before making a decision on which one to use. The first step is to list all of the water treatment systems that do not use chlorine. After the individual has identified all […]

Most Cost Effective Way to Sanitize a Pool 

Individuals who want to keep their pool clean and save money in the process must review all of the different pool sanitizing solutions that are available on the market. The initial step is identifying all of the different options by going online and searching for “pool sanitize,” it will provide a comprehensive list of the […]

Proper way to Save Money on Copper Ionization

Consumers, who want to save money treating pool water and water for their homes or businesses, should consider using copper ionization instead of chlorine. Many different types of copper ionization are available, so what an individual needs to do is look at all of the different options. While looking over the different options, an individual […]

Easiest Way to Purchase a Pool Salt Chlorinator

If a consumer is really interested in purchasing a pool salt chlorinator, these suggestions will help make the shopping experience more conducive. The initial step in the process is to list all of the different types of pool salt chlorinators that are currently being sold. After the consumer has gathered the names of all the […]