Easiest Way to Purchase a Pool Salt Chlorinator

If a consumer is really interested in purchasing a pool salt chlorinator, these suggestions will help make the shopping experience more conducive. The initial step in the process is to list all of the different types of pool salt chlorinators that are currently being sold. After the consumer has gathered the names of all the […]

Say Goodbye To Chlorine With A Chemical Free Swimming Pool

If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to keep your pool gorgeous and sparklingly clean without the heavy use of chlorine, look no further—the answer is yes. Our ionization systems allow you to have a chemical free swimming pool with ongoing, nontoxic sanitization of your pool’s water. Read on to learn more! Technology Proven By Centuries […]

Chlorine Free Ways to Keep Your Pool Clean

If a person is looking for an easier way to keep their pool clean and do not want to rely on chlorine there are products available in the market that can help them. These products are sometimes referred to as “chlorine free pool shock” and that is precisely what it does. It shocks the water […]

How to Get the Best Pool Ionization System

A swimming pool represents one of the largest investments a homeowner can make so they should try their level best to properly maintain it. One of the biggest challenges a pool owner will face is getting rid of algae, which can build up over time. In the past, the only option aside from draining the […]

How to Safely Deal With Swimming Pool Algae

If an individual owns a swimming pool, one of the biggest challenges they will have is safely removing the swimming pool algae before it builds up in the water. In the past, the only way to deal with the algae was by using harsh chemicals like chlorine, which did help reduce the total amount of […]

The Swimming Pool Ionizer: A Safe Alternative to Chlorine

Today’s pool owner has a variety of options when it comes to keeping their pool waters clean and crystal clear. While chlorine is still the standby choice, a growing number of homeowners are choosing alternative methods due to safety concerns. We at Clearwater Pool Systems provide our customers with the option of a swimming pool […]

Four Advantages of Ozone for Swimming Pools

At Clearwater Pool Systems, our goal is to enhance a pool owner’s experience. We entered into the pool industry with one mission in mind: to make pools safer for bathers. One way in which we have done so is by offering safe and healthy sanitizing systems for our customers, such as ozone for swimming pools. […]

Swimming Pool Water Treatment Systems – Don’t Let Them Drown You

No one enjoys swimming in a dirty pool and who could blame them. It is also true that no one enjoys swimming in a pool that has algae and bacteria that is visible to the human eye. It is not just common sense that this is not healthy for you, it is also not enjoyable […]

Get Rid of the Green- Swimming Pool Algae Control

Everyone loves the happiness and enjoyment that can be had from owning a swimming pool. With all of the joys though, there are some downsides and the most common downside among pool owners is controlling algae. Algae, in moderation, is good for the aquatic environment and allows a healthy level of bacteria to survive. However, […]

Just What Is a Pool Ionization System Anyway?

When it comes to the term pool ionization one of two things is going to come to mind. One is that you are amazed and completely satisfied with the super-efficient pool optimization system that you already own. Then there is the second thought, which is more likely, especially if you are anything like the majority […]