Why You Need a Salt Free Pool

Here are some scientific reasons you need a salt free pool. Did you know chlorine is a known carcinogen (a cancer causing agent)? Many people have switched to salt pools thinking they are no longer being exposed to chlorine. Unfortunately, the saltwater pools actually generate chlorine, and people with saltwater pools are still swimming in […]

Why Ozone for Pools is Better than Chlorine

Chlorine has long been used in public and private pools to cut down on bacteria and provide cleaner, clearer water. However along with the chlorine comes the tell tale red eyes of the swimmer as well as issues such as swimmers’ ear, skin rashes and irritation and even dry, brittle hair. There are far more […]

Ionization as the Ideal Chlorine Alternative Pool Cleaner

There is no denying that a swim after a tiring day or journey is the best way to unwind. In fact the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) classifies this is as the third most popular exercise activity in the US. This is definitely good news but why are the faces of health […]

Common Pool Problems avoided with a Chlorine Free Pool System

There are many pool problems you can avoid by opting for a chlorine free pool system. Chlorine free pool systems use ions created from copper and silver and naturally offer a way to keep your water pure and clean in hand with your pool’s filter system. Here are some common problems you can avoid by […]

Chlorine Alternative Swimming Pools: 4 Innovative Options

Do you like swimming? Most likely your answer is yes and this is true for most families across the U.S. However recent studies across the globe have brought to light some shocking findings on the state of most swimming pools. The culprit? Chlorine and this is why you need to think of chlorine alternative swimming […]

Benefits of a Chlorine Alternative Pool

Whether you have a pool or are getting ready to have one installed it is important to consider the benefits of a chlorine alternative pool. Chlorine has many disadvantages including being tied to cancer as well as being unsafe to handle. Here is an overview of the benefits of having a chlorine alternative pool. The […]

What is a Pool Ionizer?

A pool ionizer offers pool owners the alternative to have a Chemical Free Pool. Here is an overview of what a pool ionizer is and how it works to keep your pool chemical free as well as free of bacteria, viruses and algae. What it is An ionizer uses a microprocessor and electrodes composed of […]

Why Many People are opting for Alternatives to Chlorine Pools

Over the past years, more people have been considering alternatives to chlorine pools. This can be attributed to the fact that some people are allergic to chlorine while others do not like the chemical smell of chlorine. Chlorine can have many disadvantages some of which may be minor while others are serious. For instance, chlorine […]

What You Should Know about Your Alternative to Chlorine

If you have a swimming pool and you have someone who is allergic or sensitive to chlorine, you may be looking for the best alternative to chlorine to use in your pool. For many years, chlorine has been used as the main sanitizer of swimming pools. However, there are people who are allergic to chlorine […]