Performance Comparison

The Clearwater Pool System is the best chlorine alternative swimming pool option possible.  The combination swimming pool ionization and ozone pool unit will virtually eliminate the need for swimming pool shock.  Here is performance chart comparing our swimming pool water treatment system vs. a pool salt chlorinator and chlorine.  As you can see, it is a salt free pool system and the closest thing to a no chlorine pool as you can get.

Clearwater Pool Systems
Clearwater Pool Systems
Salt Generator

salt generator



Helps Control AlgaeYESYESYES
Helps Control BacteriaYESYESYES
Helps Control VirusesYESNONO
Clearwater Pool SystemsSalt GeneratorChlorine
Corrosive to EquipmentNOYESYES
Linked to CancerNOYESYES
Absorbs Through SkinNOYESYES
Forms Carcinogenic THMsNOYESYES
Requires Use of Cyanuric AcidNOYESYES
Harmful to the EnvironmentNOYESYES
Costs $100s a Year to OperateNOYESYES
Harmful to EyesNONOYES
Irritating to SkinNONOYES
Bleaches HairNONOYES
Explosive, Unsafe to HandleNONOYES
Dangerous to StoreNONOYES
Fades Swim SuitsNONOYES
Unpleasant to SmellNONOYES
Creates ChloraminesNONOYES