Residential Models

The Clearwater Pool System is the closest thing possible to a chemical free swimming pool as you can get.  There are two technologies that make up the system.  One of the technologies is a swimming pool ionizer called the MineralPURE System. The other one is an ozone pool system called OzoneMAX.  These systems are available either individually or as a combo system called the Clearwater Pool System.  We offer several models to handle any residential pool or spa.

Aqua Elite 50 – The Clearwater Pool System Complete

  • Amazing new product!  Premium  pool model.
  • Combination ionization/ozone system
  • Handles up to 50,000 gallon pools
  • Heavy duty metal enclosure
  • Includes test kit, electrode, Venturi manifold
  • 3 – year warranty

RC-50 Platinum Deluxe – Pool Ionization System

  • Our most sophisticated ionizer ever built
  • Handles up to 50,000 gallon pools
  • Full digital readouts
  • Built-in ScaleBlaster unit to remove limescale
  • Includes test kit, user-friendly electrode assembly

R-40 – Economical Pool Ionization System

  • Economically priced
  • Handles 40,000 gallon pools
  • 6 setting
  • Includes test kit, electrode
  • NSF Listed

OZ-50 – Pool Ozone System

  • Powerful Vacuum Ultraviolet Ozone System
  • Handles up to 50,000 pools
  • Heavy duty metal enclosure
  • Includes Venturi manifold system
  • 3 – year warranty

SPA 1R – Spa Ionization System

  • Premium spa ionization system
  • Celebrating its 27th anniversary!
  • Handles up to 1,000 gallon spas
  • Includes test kit, electrode
  • 5 – year warranty