MineralPURE® Mineral Ionization

Reduce Chlorine use up to 90%


Purifying Water the Way Nature Intended it to Be

The MineralPURE ionization system consists of a state-of the-art micro-processor control box and a scientifically designed set of electrodes composed of copper or copper/silver. These are set slightly apart from one another. Water is passed through a specially designed flow cell chamber that houses the electrodes. The control box works by generating a precise, low-voltage, DC current (at milliamp levels) to the electrodes.

Basically, the current causes some of the outermost atoms of the electrodes to lose an electron, thus becoming positive ions. While the water is running through the chamber, many of these ions are swept away before they can reach the other side of the electrodes. As a result, copper or copper & silver ions are dispersed into the body of water that is being purified.

Ag and Cu released
How it Works
  • Silver Ions

    Help control bacteria
    and viruses.

Copper Ions - Silver Ions

The greatest benefit of copper or copper/silver ionization is that the ions remain in the water providing a residual protection. They provide long-term, nontoxic purification and prevent against recontamination. Unlike most types of sanitizers, the copper and silver ions remain in the water until they flocculate, or form masses with the algae and bacteria and then become large enough to be removed by the filtering equipment. When the “used” copper and silver ions are removed, the microprocessor control box is always producing new ions to continuously sanitize the water.

History of Copper/Silver Ionization

The MineralPURE system incorporates technology that was actually discovered thousands of years ago and has been used in various applications.

Ancient Greeks

Ancient GreeksThe ancient Greeks were the first to discover the sanitizing power of copper.

Ancient Egyptians

Ancient EgyptiansThe ancient Egyptians kept their water in silver containers to prevent contamination.

Middle Ages

silverDuring the plague-ridden Middle Ages, mothers knew to place a silver spoon in an infant’s mouth to ward off disease.

Early American Pioneers

PioneersEarly American pioneers moving west across the continent put copper and silver coins in large wooden water casks to provide them with safe drinking water during their long voyage. When the wagons rolled, the agitation rolled, thus causing the coins to discharge ions (an electrically charged particle) into the water. The copper ions help control algae while the silver ions help control bacteria and viruses.


SilverSilver sulfadiazine is the most widely used antibacterial treatment for burns or open wounds. Many people die from severe burns because of lack of bacteria treatment.


dentistsDentists have used silver to fill cavities for decades because of its strong antibacterial features.

NASA Connection

NASA’s Apollo Missions

NASA scientists capitalized on this knowledge and developed an ionization system for the Apollo spacecraft’s in the 1960s. They needed a way to supply safe drinking water for the crew on their long missions to the moon without using chorine. Be sure to check out “NASA Connection” for more details.

NASA rocket ship

NASA’s Ionization System

NASA harnessed what nature already knew and designed an ionization system aboard their Apollo flights. An electronic silver-ion generator – slightly larger than a cigarette pack – was mounted on various locations in the spacecraft. These generators dispersed silver-ions to eliminate bacteria and viruses and provide the astronauts with safe drinking water. They did not want to bring chlorine with them into space.

Buzz Aldrin

Actual image of silver Ionization being used in space by Buzz Aldrin during the Apollo 11 mission. This was obtained from footage NASA sent Clearwater Enviro (the manufacturers of the Clearwater Pool System) in 1992.

Inside Apollo Capsule

Inside Apollo Capsule

Official NASA Final Report on Silver Ionization

NASA Download as PDF
(also includes Spinoff article below)


  • 1989

    In 1989, Clearwater Enviro was granted a license from NASA to commercialize from their technology on its ionization system.

  • 1992

    In the early 1990s, Buzz Aldrin was a company spokesman for Clearwater Enviro Technologies.

  • 1994

    In 1994, Clearwater was featured in Spinoff, a NASA publication that features companies that use NASA developed technology for the development of their products.

    The story featured our ionization equipment on the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, now home of “Winter”, the star dolphin from the hit movie Dolphin Tale.

    Winter the Dolphin

    Winter the Dolphin

    *Dolphin Tale copyright Alcon LLC/Warner Brothers

  • 2022

    Clearwater Pool Systems continues to be the world leader in alternative sanitizers to using just chlorine to sanitize your pool.  We have systems operating in over 70 countries including some of the most famous waterparks in the world.


Buzz Aldrin’s historic walk on the moon, July 20, 1969. Photo taken by Neil Armstrong.


Buzz Aldrin, Apollo Astronaut

NASA’s Spinoff Magazine 1994

Mineral Pure FAQ

  • What exactly is Mineral Pure?
    Mineral Pure is a copper or copper/silver ionization system that releases ions into the pool’s water in a controlled manner. These ions help control algae, bacteria and viruses in the water.
  • Are the copper or copper/silver ions safe?
    Absolutely! Copper is actual required in our daily metabolism and has a history of controlling algae in various applications. Silver has been used by dentists, in water purification equipment, tableware, coins and in many other applications.
  • Will I still have to use chlorine?
    Yes, you will have to still use some chlorine as an oxidizer to burn off debris that gets in the water, suntan oils, body oils etc. However, you should be able to reduce it by about 90% with the ionizer alone, or even more when used with our OzoneMAX system. Most likely, you won’t be able to feel the chlorine at all in the water.
  • How hard is it to install the system?
    Any Clearwater dealer, pool serviceman, plumber or handyman would be able to install the system in under a couple of hours. A tee is plumbed into the line and the control box is mounted on the wall in your existing pool equipment.
  • Will the system work on 110V or 220V?
    Yes. Our premium model, the RC-50, will automatically adjust to the proper voltage when installing. The R-40 model is factory set to 220VAC and would need to be opened up and changed to 110VAC via a switch inside the unit.
  • How do you test the system to see if its working?
    A simple copper-ion test is required and is included in the package.
  • Will I ever have to replace anything with the system?
    The units come with a set of electrodes that are self-sacrificing and will need to be replaced every few years. How long they last depend on several factors – pool size, the length of the pool season, water temperature, how well the pool has been balanced as far as pH and the copper-ion level goes.
  • How long is the warranty?
    The warranty is 5-full years but does not include the replacement of the electrodes.
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