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The Closest System Possible to a Chemical & Maintenance-Free Pool

Clearwater Pool Systems

The Healthiest & Cost-Efficient Alternative in Pool Water Maintenance

33rd Anniversary

For over 100 years, chlorine and other chemicals like muriatic acid have been perceived as the only way to take care of your pool. Yet, this method commonly results in red, irritated eyes, dry and brittle hair, itch skin and faded swimsuits.  Chlorine is a strong bleach and is dangerous.  The daily nuisance of balancing a pool’s pH and total alkalinity readings with muriatic acid, soda ash and baking soda is a pool owners’ nightmare.  Muriatic acid is volatile and corrosive.  Using all these chemicals is a treacherous chore. They are costing you upwards of $1,000 or more a year. One option for pool owners is a salt generator, but in essence, they are producing pure chlorine!

The Clearwater Pool System uses a mineral-based ionization system along with ozone and trace amounts of carbon dioxide, both of which occur naturally in the Earth’s atmosphere, as the basis for its technology.  Our system is the most advanced alternative sanitizing system in the world.

The Clear Choice

  • Enjoy Crystal Clear Water

    You will be amazed at the clarity of the water and will never go back to the “chemical only” way again

  • Quick Payback Period

    Your investment is quickly recovered by reducing or eliminating the need for costly chlorine products, algaecides, muriatic acid, baking soda, soda ash, stabilizers, and salt.

  • Virtual “Hands-Off” System

    Our complete system of the Mineral Pure, Ozone Max and pH Pure gives you the most advanced, eco-friendly, and healthiest alternative option to chemicals.

  • Licensed Technology from NASA

    Some of our products use technology that was developed by NASA, and we were granted a license to commercialize from this in 1989.

  • NSF, UL and CUL Approved

    Most of our products are NSF, UL and CUL approved.

pH Pure

PH-50 | CO2 Injection for pH Control

  • Injects small amounts of safe Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Virtually eliminate muriatic acid use
  • Stabilizes pH & Total Alkalinity without chemicals
  • For a healthier and safer environment
  • Quick payback period with a “Peace of Mind”
pH Pure

Proudly Made in the USA / Satisfaction Guaranteed

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