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Worried About the Chlorine Tablet Shortage? We Have the Solution!

Clearwater Enviro Technologies offers an affordable, environmentally friendly solution to disinfect water in swimming pools and hot tubs.

Saving Money with a Chemical Free Pool Treatment System

We’ve talked extensively about how pool chlorine alternatives provide a healthy option for people trying to reduce chlorine use.  However, now it’s time to talk bottom line. The Clearwater Pool System offers a chemical free pool treatment option which will save you a significant amount of both time and money over the long term. MineralPURE […]

Healthiest Pool Chlorine Alternatives

Did you know there are chemical free pool treatment systems that are effective pool sanitizers and do not irritate your eyes or skin? Clearwater Pool Systems is not only the best pool chlorine alternative on the market, it is the closest you can come to a chlorine free swimming pool. In fact, it reduces the […]

Why Ozone Works Better for Pools

A swimming pool doesn’t have to contain harsh, toxic chemicals to stay clean. Ozone pool systems offer an excellent pool sanitizer option.  Ozone causes an oxidation reaction when its molecules collide with a substance such as algae, bacteria, fungi, mold, yeast, suntan and body oils, mildew, sweat, urine, etc.  They clump together as a result, […]

Why You Should Consider an Alternative to Chlorine for Your Pool

The Clearwater Pool System is as Close as You Can Get to a Chemical Free Swimming Pool As you well know, if you do not continually maintain and treat the water in your pool, you will be swimming in a sea of slime and bacteria. If you own a swimming pool, you have probably always […]

Natural Pool Treatment Technology Developed by NASA

Natural Pool Treatment Technology Developed by NASA

If you have a pool or spa, you will be interested in how NASA technology is used in the Clearwater Pool System. In 1989, NASA granted Clearwater Enviro Technologies a license to commercialize their technology for an ionization system.  The Apollo flights used electronic silver-ion generators to disperse silver ions throughout the spacecraft.  These ions […]

Take the Red Out by Using Natural Pool Treatment

Take the Red Out by Using Natural Pool Treatment

OzoneMax –Get as Close to a Chemical Free Pool as Possible How many times have you enjoyed a swim, only to later experience burning in your eyes and dryness of your skin? This is caused by harsh chemicals used to kill bacteria and algae in your pool while keeping the water crystal clear. Today, more […]

Ozone for Pools – Why It’s So Important

Ozone for Pools – Why It’s So Important

If this is the first you’ve heard of ozone for pools, you’re probably still using a lot of harsh chemicals to treat your water. One of the benefits of using a natural pool treatment system such as the Clearwater Pool System is that, although you will not completely eliminate chemicals, it is the closest thing […]

Pool Treatment

Why Do I Need Pool Treatment?

Pool treatment keeps your pool clean and free of contaminants. If a pool is not treated properly, bacteria and algae will grow. This is not only unhealthy, but it can also make the water cloudy and slimy. How Do I Know What Kind of Treatment to Use? There are many types of swimming pool treatment […]

Alternative to Chlorine for Your Swimming Pool

Why You Should Consider Chlorine Alternative Swimming Pools

Incorporating a chlorine free pool treatment system such as The Clearwater Pool System can have several benefits to your health. Although chlorine is considered a pool sanitizer, the standard amount used in pools can have several adverse effects. High levels of chlorine are even worse, causing strong a smell and even throat, eye and skin […]