Maintain a Healthy Pool AND Reduce Muriatic Acid and Chlorine Use By 95%

Clearwater Pools Systems has been offering the most healthy and effective way to avoid an unhealthy, over chlorinated, and muriatic acid swimming pool experience. We are introducing a new product to complement our popular ionization and ultraviolet ozone systems. Our new CO2 pool system delivers a safe CO2 injection for pools that is designed to balance pH alkalinity, further reduce the need for muriatic acid, and effectively help you achieve and maintain a healthy pool water balance.

This new component will make the Clearwater Pool Systems the most powerful, effective, and affordable pool water balance solution on the market today. Let’s take a closer look at the complete system:


Ionization System

  • Generates safe copper ions
  • Reduces chlorine use in residential pools by more than 90%
  • Reduces chlorine use in commercial pools by more than 75%
  • NSF approved/NASA licensed technology


Ultraviolet Ozone System

  • Safely injects ultraviolet ozone
  • Further reduces chlorine use
  • Controls cryptosporidium and E. coli
  • Promotes crystal clear water


CO2 Injection for Pools / pH Control

  • CO2 pool system designed to inject a safe amount of carbon dioxide.
  • Virtually eliminates the need for muriatic acid.
  • No more worries about the harmful effects that can result from a muriatic acid swimming pool.
  • Balance pH alkalinity – the CO2 pool system maintains pool water balance by stabilizing pH and total alkalinity without the need for chlorine, muriatic acid, or other chemicals.
  • Utilizing the CO2 Injection for pools promotes a healthy, safe pool environment.

Are you searching for a system that is affordable, reduces the need for chemicals, balances pH alkalinity, controls cryptosporidium and E. coli, and encourages a healthy pool water balance?  If so, them the complete solution from Clearwater Pools Systems is exactly what you need to achieve your goals. If you are already using one of our existing ionization or ozone systems, we encourage you to consider adding our new CO2 pool system to help you maintain optimal pool water balance while reducing the need for harmful chlorine, muriatic acid, and other chemicals. We encourage you to join the wait list now to be one of the first to enjoy the benefits of our new pHPURE CO2 injection for pools system today.

Adding More Chlorine is Not the Answer

Adding More Chlorine is Not the Answer

It’s unfortunate, but we are seeing more and more homeowners and commercial properties being advised to put high amounts of chlorine in their pools and spas.  A potential customer recently sent us his water test results he had received from a local pool store and asked us to review it for him. The water tester at the pool store indicated that the water and chlorine level was high, which was also noted in the instructions below the results. Yet, in the ABCs of pool care, they were recommending that they not only maintain that high level of chlorine, but also add an additional 1.7 gallons!

Would you want to swim or have your child swim in a pool with such high levels of chlorine?

When it comes to swimming pool treatment systems, homeowners and maintenance professionals alike choose the Clearwater Pool Systems because it is a chemical free pool treatment that is safe, eco-friendly, and utilizes technology that was developed by NASA to help keep the water clear and naturally treat it to control algae, bacteria, and viruses.

While chlorine is an effective pool sanitizer, too much of it can cause numerous problems including dry hair and skin, burning eyes, and even lung issues.  The Clearwater Pool Systems utilize ionization and ozone to treat the water, reducing the need to use high levels of chlorine as are often recommended by pool companies.

You don’t have to invest in a ton of chlorine and other chemicals to keep your water clear and pool free from bacteria, algae, and viruses. We invite you to give the Clearwater Pool Systems a try.  You won’t be disappointed!  Our residential models can be purchased online at Home Depot. If you have a commercial pool, then contact the Clearwater Pool Systems dealer nearest to you today.

Worried About the Chlorine Tablet Shortage? We Have the Solution!

alternative to chlorine

Residential and commercial pools that use trichloro-s-triazinetrione (trichlor) as their primary sanitizer are now in jeopardy as these popular chlorine tablets are now in very short supply.  When Hurricane Laura hit back in 2020, a fire swept through a plant in Louisiana that destroyed much of the domestic supply of trichlor.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, prices of trichlor have doubled for pool service companies and many suppliers have limited sales to two buckets per individual. As summer approaches, owners of residential and commercial pools are scrambling for a solution.

alternative to chlorineClearwater Enviro Technologies offers an affordable, environmentally friendly solution to disinfect water in residential and commercial swimming pools and hot tubs.  Clearwater Pool Systems reduces the need for harmful chemicals and instead utilizes an ionization and ozone process to provide oxidization and control algae, bacteria and viruses. The OzoneMAX is a proven ozone system while MineralPURE utilizes ionization technology licensed by NASA.  Together, they provide the most advanced “alternative to chlorine” system on the market today.

According to Ryan Duksa, Sales Executive for Clearwater Enviro Technologies, the company is prepared to meet the expected increase demand for their Clearwater Pool Systems products.

“We have dealers throughout the United States and in nearly 70 countries standing by to help people transition from chlorine to this healthy, eco-friendly, affordable alternative,” explains Duksa. “Our MineralPURE units are available online at Home Depot, as well as MineralPURE and OzoneMAX at Pool Warehouse”.

Duksa says that one of the most attractive aspects of the Clearwater Pool Systems products is the cost savings. “Not only is chlorine expensive, but it also breaks down components such as pipes and filters,” says Duksa.  “Reducing chlorine use saves money on both chemicals and maintenance.”

Chlorine (whether generated in a salt pool or added manually) also creates a much less pleasant swimming experience. With working from home, families have had more time to swim as well so why not create the best swimming experience for you and your family!

From spas to water parks like Wet ‘n’ Wild, no pool is too big or small. NSF Certified ionizers are ready to provide a summer of swimming with the family.

Don’t let the trichlor shortage cause you to close access to your pool and/or hot tub.  Contact us directly or get in touch with a Clearwater Pool Systems dealer to learn more today!

Clearwater Pool Systems – An Effective Pool Water Chlorine Alternative

95% Chlorine Reduction in Residential Pools / 75% Chlorine Reduction in Commercial Pools

Swimming is a fun and relaxing activity. It brings family and friends together, and provides hours of recreation.  However, there are health hazards associated with chlorine in swimming pools that can be remedied by using an alternative to chlorine.

Skin and Eye Irritation

High levels of chlorine can cause skin and eye irritation.  Chlorine alterative pool systems reduce the amount of chlorine needed, thus preventing such side effects.

Respiratory Problems

Traditional levels of chlorine can lead to constricted airways causing wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath and, in extreme cases, suffocation.  A pool water chlorine alternative such as Clearwater Pool Systems reduces the amount of chlorine needed.

Cancer Risks

Chlorine by-products such as trihalomethanes (TMH) are known to contribute to cancer.  Clearwater Pool Systems provides an alternative to chlorine pools which reduces the need for chlorine, thus lessening the amount of by-products.

Ionization as an Alternative to Chlorine

Ionization has been proven to reduce risks associated with high levels of chlorine exposure. Through advanced technology, it is now possible for you to enjoy your swimming pool without worrying about the strong smell, health risks and discomfort associated with chlorine.

Ozone as an Alternative to Chlorine

Ozone instantly purifies water. Using an ozone pool system can significantly cut chlorine use.

The Clearwater Pool System is nature’s way of treating water.  It incorporates bot ionization and ozone to offer the closest to a no chlorine pool possible.

Interested in cutting chlorine use in your residential pool?  Check out our various residential models to determine the best solution to fit your family and budget.

Help! My Pool Water is Cloudy

A Chlorine Free Pool System Can Help

There are numerous reasons why your pool water is cloudy – many of which involve chlorine.

For instance, if the chlorination in your pool is inconsistent, cloudiness can occur. Or, if the conditions have been optimum for algae, there could be an excess of algae in your pool that is dead or dying, causing your pool to become cloudy.

Many people try to save money on their energy bill by using their pool pump and filters for less time. However, this not a good idea, especially in very hot weather. You need to run your pool pump at least six to eight hours a day to keep the water clear. Chemical imbalances in your pool can also cause cloudiness.

While chlorine free pool chemicals and chlorine free pool shock may be options, there is an alternative to help you achieve clear water without chemicals. The Clearwater Pool System combines the technology of ionization and ozone to help achieve the closest things to a chlorine free swimming pool as possible. Featuring heavy duty construction and accommodating up to 50,000 gallons, this chlorine free pool system works in any residential swimming pool or spa. It is safe, chemical free, and considered to be “nature’s” way of treating water.

While no solution offers a completely chlorine free swimming pool, the Clearwater Pool System can reduce chlorine use in residential pool by up to 95%. Check out our FAQ’s to learn more.

Picking the Right Chlorine Free Water Treatment

If a property owner wants to pick the right chlorine free water treatment, they will need to review all of the different solutions before making a decision on which one to use. The first step is to list all of the water treatment systems that do not use chlorine. After the individual has identified all of these systems, they should look at the science behind the technology and figure out if it makes sense. If the science does not make sense then it would not be wise to use that system. Even if the chlorine free water treatment does make sense, the individual will still need to spend some additional time screening these solutions before making any choices.

Key Questions to Address When Reviewing Chlorine Free Water Treatments

How long has the company offering these solutions has been in operation. As a rule only deal with firms that have been providing chlorine free water treatments for more than six years. The longer the organization has been in operation the more reliable their system should be, but it would be prudent to look for feedback left by individuals who are using these systems. A good way to find these testimonials is by looking on the website belonging to the company offering the chlorine free water treatment. While reviewing the comments that were left by other individuals, it will become clear, whether this particular water treatment system is the best option. Once the individual has identified the solution that is clearly the best choice out there, the next step is to start pricing out the solution.

Pricing Out a Chlorine Free Water Treatment Solution

When the individual has identified a specific chlorine free water treatment they prefer over all of the others, it is time to start comparing the prices being quoted. In order to get a good price, the individual will have to factor in the cost of installation. Installing one of these systems is not something a person can do on their own, it takes specialized training. After gathering all of the pricing details, the consumer should be able to pick the firm that has the most competitive offer and deal exclusively with them.

Consumers who really want to find a chlorine free water treatment must follow all of these tips in detail. If the individual sticks with all of these suggestions they should be able to make a better informed decision, so now would be a great time to start the preliminary due diligence.

Common Pool Problems avoided with a Chlorine Free Pool System

There are many pool problems you can avoid by opting for a chlorine free pool system. Chlorine free pool systems use ions created from copper and silver and naturally offer a way to keep your water pure and clean in hand with your pool’s filter system. Here are some common problems you can avoid by using a chlorine free pool system.

Chemical Smell

Chlorine is the culprit when it comes to that familiar chemical smell you not only sense when at the pool, but also once you leave it. It clings to your skin, hair and swim suit and it is not actually the chlorine itself but the chloramines that form due to the chlorine that smell. Chlorine will cling to anything in the water that shouldn’t be there from oils from skin lotions and hair products to bacteria and algae. The chemical reaction then creates chloramines that can cling to your clothes, skin and hair and create that unpleasant smell. A chlorine free pool system does not require large amounts of chlorine which means to chloramines.


Irritation from swimming is very common in chlorinated pools. Common complaints include itchy, burning eyes as well as skin that can break out in rashes or just feel dry and itchy. Hair can also become brittle in those who swim often and they actually make special swimmers’ shampoos to remove the chlorine from your hair. Again, it is not actually the chlorine that is causing these issues but the chloramines that form. However chloramines only form in chlorinated pools.


It is very difficult to avoid algae forming in your pool. The spores get blown around outside and can even come into your pool via someone’s swimsuit. Algae develop when a number of factors are just right including warmer water, sunlight to encourage growth and pool water imbalances. Most people use chlorine or algaecides to avoid algae growth but there is many other factors at play including the presence of nitrates and carbon dioxide. If you do not take the time to prevent the growth of algae it will set in and depending on the type of algae it will seem a completely fruitless effort to rid yourself of its clinging, unsightly existence. Algae does not harm humans but it will cause many issues for your pool including discolorations, cloudy water, clogging your pumping and filters and causing your sanitation system to stop working.

To avoid all of these problems a chlorine free pool system is the perfect answer. It will reduce the need for chlorine, prevent algae and offer pure clean water using copper and silver ions to destroy bacteria, algae and viruses naturally.