What is the Clearwater Pool System?

Ionization and Ozone

  • Nature’s Way of Treating Water

    The Clearwater Pool System is nature’s way of treating water.  By using two of nature’s most precious minerals and ozone as a basis for its technology, our system is the most advanced alternative sanitizing system available on the market.

  • Control Algae, Bacteria and Viruses

    The copper ionization system will help control algae, bacteria and viruses, while the ozone provides the oxidization needed. This new combination system allows you to greatly reduce chlorine levels lower better than ever before.

  • Advanced Technology

    The MineralPURE Pool System uses technology that was licensed by NASA and the majority of our units are NSF certified.  NSF is the most recognized approval certification in the world.  Most of our units are also UL certified, the world’s most trusted certification for electrical and safely compliance.


How the Clearwater Pool System is installed

RC50 and OZ50 installation drawing
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If you are looking for a pool water chlorine alternative, our pool ionization system along with the ozone pool systems is unquestionably the number one choice you can make.


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