What is a Pool Ionizer?

A pool ionizer offers pool owners the alternative to have a Chemical Free Pool. Here is an overview of what a pool ionizer is and how it works to keep your pool chemical free as well as free of bacteria, viruses and algae.

What it is

An ionizer uses a microprocessor and electrodes composed of copper and/or silver. When pool water passes over the chamber the electrodes generate a low-voltage DC current that causes some of the outermost atoms of the electrodes to become positive ions. The water that runs through the chamber collects the ions which then help kill algae, bacteria and viruses. Copper is a key ingredient used in algaecides and the silver ions take care of the bacteria and viruses. With an ionizer you reduce the amount of chlorine required for your pool even following a larger pool party or a heavy rainstorm.

What it does

The ions remain in the water and offer residual protection for long-term maintenance. As well they offer nontoxic purification and continue to prevent against recontamination. Copper and silver ions remain in the water and create masses that work to continuously collect algae and other contaminants such as bacteria that can then be removed by your pools filtering equipment. You can keep track of the proper ion levels using a test kit.

How it works

The beauty of the ionizer is it allows you to have a chemical free pool. The copper and silver ions create a potent biocide that does not use chemicals to purify your water. Instead an electrostatic bond forms with negatively charged areas of the water which begins the disinfection process. They work against microorganism cell walls which then distorts the cell wall which stops them from being able to absorb the nutrients they require to thrive.

The role of Copper and Silver

Copper and silver will attack an algae cell and the amino acid residues in the proteins used for photosynthesis. By stopping the process algae is unable to grow and therefore the cells die. Even if the cell does manage to live the ions will stop the reproduction process so that the algae are unable to spread. As well bacteria are killed right out instead of being suppressed from chemicals. That means dangerous things such as E-Coli, the most potent contaminant found in public pools and other water sources cannot survive in a chemical free pool that uses an ionizer.

Families love ionizers at it is the safest, healthiest way to provide fresh, clean pool water without the ill affects of chlorine such as burning eyes, skin irritations and brittle hair.