The Benefits Of Water Ionizing In Swimming Pools

When most people think about how they can keep their pools clean they immediately think about chlorine. But in recent years people have discovered how toxic and dangerous chlorine can be. Overexposure to chlorine can cause a myriad of health conditions and increase the risk of children developing allergies or asthma. Excessive exposure to chlorine can also lead to bladder problems, cancer and heart disease. So, if chlorine is so bad for people how can they keep their pools clean and beautiful? The answer is water ionizing.

Using Water Ionizating in Swimming Pools

There are many advantages to using water ionization instead of chlorine in swimming pools. When you use ionized water in your pool here are a few of the benefits you can expect to enjoy:

  • It kills bacteria such as listeria, algae, e-coli and cryptosporidia
  • It is not hazardous to the lungs and will not cause breathing problems or asthma attacks
  • Healthier for young children and older adults to swim in
  • There are no harmful gases being let off into the air
  • Easy on the eyes, ionized water will not cause eyes to get red, itchy, puffy or irritated.
  • It will not make peoples hair turn green from swimming in the water
  • Does not cause itchy skin, rashes or irritable skin conditions
  • Does not cause swimmers ear to occur
  • Effectively gets rid of bacteria in the pool water
  • It is not altered if the water is too hot or too cold
  • UV rays and evaporation does not have any effect on it
  • It utilizes green technology which is better for the Earth and leaves a smaller footprint on the world
  • There are no scum lines along the sides of the pool

Alternative Swimming Pool Treatments Save Money

Using alternative water treatments for your pool can save you money in the long run. Pools that use ionized water have clearer water that stay looking nice for longer and easily gets rid of any dead bacteria. Since the water is non-corrosive it helps the pool coatings and liners last longer. It is also gentler on bathing suits and will not bleach them out or wear them down like chlorine does. And if anyone accidently swallows the water they will not have to worry about harmful side effects to their health. Using ionized water in your pool will lead to a healthier swimming experience and an overall feeling of well-being and happiness.