Why Ozone Works Better for Pools

A swimming pool doesn’t have to contain harsh, toxic chemicals to stay clean. Ozone pool systems offer an excellent pool sanitizer option.  Ozone causes an oxidation reaction when its molecules collide with a substance such as algae, bacteria, fungi, mold, yeast, suntan and body oils, mildew, sweat, urine, etc.  They clump together as a result, thus enhancing the ability of your pool filter to capture them.

The OzoneMAX System – one of the most innovative swimming pool treatment systems on the market today – was developed by Clearwater Enviro Technologies as part of their Clearwater Pool System. Ozone is powerful oxidizer which neutralizes pool contaminants. Best of all, it emits no odors, making it one of the most popular pool chlorine alternatives.  OzoneMAX safely injects ozone into the water, thus instant purification takes place. Combined with the pool ionizer (MineralPURE) the Clearwater Pool System is a chemical free pool treatment option which reduces the need for chlorine by 95% in residential swimming pools.

Clearwater Enviro Technologies has provided innovative solutions for nearly 30 years.  Our knowledge and expertise are unmatched, making us the industry’s most trusted and reliable manufacturer. HGTV and hundreds of trade magazines have featured our products.  If you are ready to reduce your chlorine use by incorporating a reliable chemical free pool treatment option, give us a call.  You can also learn more about the Clearwater Pool System at Home Depot, which offers a full line of our residential products.