Four Advantages of Ozone for Swimming Pools

At Clearwater Pool Systems, our goal is to enhance a pool owner’s experience. We entered into the pool industry with one mission in mind: to make pools safer for bathers. One way in which we have done so is by offering safe and healthy sanitizing systems for our customers, such as ozone for swimming pools.

Why Choose Ozone for Swimming Pools?

Most of us are familiar with chlorine sanitizing systems, but the truth is that ozone for swimming pools has been in use for well over 50 years in Europe. It has only been over the past decade in which American pool owners are beginning to recognize this unique sanitizing system’s merits as concerns about chlorine continue to rise.

1. Fewer Chemicals in Your Pool

When used properly, ozone will drastically cut back the need to add chemicals to your pool in two ways:

  1. Properly integrated and measured ozone will act as your pool’s primary disinfectant and oxidizer, reducing the amount of bromine or chlorine necessary to keep your pool water healthy.
  2. When used with sodium bromide, ozone does have the ability to regenerate the spent bromide. This can reduce the use of these chemicals by as much as 60%.

2. A Better Disinfectant

Our ozone systems have proven time and time again to be able to disinfect pools faster and better than chlorine systems. One study which revealed ozone for swimming pools was superior to chlorine involved the bacteria E. coli. When 0.1mg/L of ozone came in contact with the bacteria, it was able to completely destroy it in less than 12 seconds.

3. Increased Comfort

Many of our customers come to Clearwater Pool Systems because they are dissatisfied with how comfortable their pool water is. Chlorine and even salt systems have the potential to irritate the skin, eyes, and airways of bathers. When customers switch to our ozone system, however, they report greater comfort. There is no strong residual chlorine odor, skin and eyes are not irritated, and bathers with respiratory issues are able to breathe freely and without issue.

4. Enhanced Water Quality

Our ozone products will significantly improve the quality of your pool water. Once applied to pool water, a process called “micro flocculation” occurs. This forces many of the organic contaminants in your swimming pool to group together and to be more easily removed by your ozone resistant sand filter.

One important point that we stress when our customers opt for our ozone system is that it will only be as effective as your overall system is. In order to work best for your pool, it is important that your pool have a proper water turnover rate, an efficient filtration system, and balanced water chemistry. These aspects, when combined with ozone, will deliver superior results for your pool water.