The Swimming Pool Ionizer: A Safe Alternative to Chlorine

Today’s pool owner has a variety of options when it comes to keeping their pool waters clean and crystal clear. While chlorine is still the standby choice, a growing number of homeowners are choosing alternative methods due to safety concerns. We at Clearwater Pool Systems provide our customers with the option of a swimming pool ionizer to sanitize their pool so that they may enjoy a safer and healthier swimming experience.

What Is a Swimming Pool Ionizer?

Unlike chlorine systems which use harsh chemicals to clean your pool, our swimming pool ionizer is able to sanitize your waters through the use of copper and silver ions. The ionizer produces a very low voltage current which discharges negatively charged silver and copper ions into your pool. These ions are able to effectively bond to the unwanted viruses, bacteria and algae in the pool by penetrating through their cellular wall and throwing off the cell’s enzyme balance.

Another benefit that comes with using a swimming pool ionizer is improved pool filtration. Viruses, bacteria and algae are typically too small to be swept into your swimming pool’s filtration system. But by having the copper and silver ions bond to these nasty particles, they then become large enough to be filtered and removed by your pool’s filter system.

Why Salt Water Systems Are Not the Answer

One common misconception that we hear from our customers at Clearwater Pool Systems is that a salt water pool system will eliminate the need for chlorine. What many pool owners do not realize is that salt water systems are still producing chlorine – they just do so in a different way. Many report that salt water systems are less damaging and kinder to their skin and eyes but do not be fooled. These systems are designed to turn salt into chlorine and kill off viruses, bacteria and algae in the same way.

Why Pool Ionizers Are a Safer Choice

Many of us have all experienced the stinging, irritated skin and red eyes that come with chlorine treated pools. But these aren’t the only concerns that many swimmers have when entering a chlorinated pool:

  • Toxins in the chlorine are absorbed through the skin
  • Chlorine can trigger eczema or aggravate bronchial issues such as asthma
  • Preliminary studies have suggested that chlorine exposure may be linked to certain types of cancer

Our company chooses to offer a solution for those who, like us, are concerned about using chlorine in the pool. The pool ionizers and ozone systems that we offer our customers are not harmful to one’s skin and don’t leave one’s skin and hair smelling of chlorine. For those who are concerned about whether or not their pool water is being fully sanitized, there is still the option to add a bit of chlorine to your water with this type of system.