Common Pool Problems avoided with a Chlorine Free Pool System

There are many pool problems you can avoid by opting for a chlorine free pool system. Chlorine free pool systems use ions created from copper and silver and naturally offer a way to keep your water pure and clean in hand with your pool’s filter system. Here are some common problems you can avoid by using a chlorine free pool system.

Chemical Smell

Chlorine is the culprit when it comes to that familiar chemical smell you not only sense when at the pool, but also once you leave it. It clings to your skin, hair and swim suit and it is not actually the chlorine itself but the chloramines that form due to the chlorine that smell. Chlorine will cling to anything in the water that shouldn’t be there from oils from skin lotions and hair products to bacteria and algae. The chemical reaction then creates chloramines that can cling to your clothes, skin and hair and create that unpleasant smell. A chlorine free pool system does not require large amounts of chlorine which means to chloramines.


Irritation from swimming is very common in chlorinated pools. Common complaints include itchy, burning eyes as well as skin that can break out in rashes or just feel dry and itchy. Hair can also become brittle in those who swim often and they actually make special swimmers’ shampoos to remove the chlorine from your hair. Again, it is not actually the chlorine that is causing these issues but the chloramines that form. However chloramines only form in chlorinated pools.


It is very difficult to avoid algae forming in your pool. The spores get blown around outside and can even come into your pool via someone’s swimsuit. Algae develop when a number of factors are just right including warmer water, sunlight to encourage growth and pool water imbalances. Most people use chlorine or algaecides to avoid algae growth but there is many other factors at play including the presence of nitrates and carbon dioxide. If you do not take the time to prevent the growth of algae it will set in and depending on the type of algae it will seem a completely fruitless effort to rid yourself of its clinging, unsightly existence. Algae does not harm humans but it will cause many issues for your pool including discolorations, cloudy water, clogging your pumping and filters and causing your sanitation system to stop working.

To avoid all of these problems a chlorine free pool system is the perfect answer. It will reduce the need for chlorine, prevent algae and offer pure clean water using copper and silver ions to destroy bacteria, algae and viruses naturally.