Chlorine Free Ways to Keep Your Pool Clean

If a person is looking for an easier way to keep their pool clean and do not want to rely on chlorine there are products available in the market that can help them. These products are sometimes referred to as “chlorine free pool shock” and that is precisely what it does. It shocks the water providing the same positive effects as chlorine, with none of the consequences like burning eyes, skin and rashes that never go away.

Benefits of Chlorine Free Pool Shock Products

Since chlorine can be harmful to the skin and damage the environment, consumers have been looking for a safer alternative. One of the most effective options is the use of ‘Ozone,’ which kills algae and other compounds in the water without having to use chlorine. This “Ozone” does not harm humans, pets, or the environment, so there is little to no risk. The challenge is finding the system that will provide the greatest amount of cleaning for the least amount of cash.

Picking the Right Pool Cleaning System

The first step is looking at the size of the pool and how much water will be cleaned on a regular basis. These systems are usually rated on the number of gallons they clean so once that number has been established it is time to begin reviewing these various chlorine free pool shock products. Find out whether the firms manufacturing these systems have been in operation for many years or have they just started. Generally speaking, the longer the company has been producing these pool-cleaning systems, the more suitable they should be. Look for feedback made by other property owners who are using the pool cleaning products.

When pricing out the chlorine free pool products it would be prudent to try to deal directly with the company that actually makes the product. By going directly to the source the consumer should be able to get good pricing without having to sacrifice quality. Since on the topic of pricing, never for a moment think that the higher priced solutions provide superior results. The reality is they do not. In order to make the right choice the onus is on the pool owner to perform his or her own due diligence. Only when this has been completed can they keep their pool clean without relying on chlorine. The more pool owners who use this safer alternative the healthier people will be.