Adding More Chlorine is Not the Answer

Adding More Chlorine is Not the Answer

It’s unfortunate, but we are seeing more and more homeowners and commercial properties being advised to put high amounts of chlorine in their pools and spas.  A potential customer recently sent us his water test results he had received from a local pool store and asked us to review it for him. The water tester at the pool store indicated that the water and chlorine level was high, which was also noted in the instructions below the results. Yet, in the ABCs of pool care, they were recommending that they not only maintain that high level of chlorine, but also add an additional 1.7 gallons!

Would you want to swim or have your child swim in a pool with such high levels of chlorine?

When it comes to swimming pool treatment systems, homeowners and maintenance professionals alike choose the Clearwater Pool Systems because it is a chemical free pool treatment that is safe, eco-friendly, and utilizes technology that was developed by NASA to help keep the water clear and naturally treat it to control algae, bacteria, and viruses.

While chlorine is an effective pool sanitizer, too much of it can cause numerous problems including dry hair and skin, burning eyes, and even lung issues.  The Clearwater Pool Systems utilize ionization and ozone to treat the water, reducing the need to use high levels of chlorine as are often recommended by pool companies.

You don’t have to invest in a ton of chlorine and other chemicals to keep your water clear and pool free from bacteria, algae, and viruses. We invite you to give the Clearwater Pool Systems a try.  You won’t be disappointed!  Our residential models can be purchased online at Home Depot. If you have a commercial pool, then contact the Clearwater Pool Systems dealer nearest to you today.