Take the Red Out by Using Natural Pool Treatment

Take the Red Out by Using Natural Pool Treatment

OzoneMax –Get as Close to a Chemical Free Pool as Possible

How many times have you enjoyed a swim, only to later experience burning in your eyes and dryness of your skin? This is caused by harsh chemicals used to kill bacteria and algae in your pool while keeping the water crystal clear. Today, more and more homeowners and commercial properties are turning to natural pool treatment options – including ozone for pools – to help combat the need for so many harsh chemicals.

Why Chemicals?

Chlorine and chemicals are used for residential and commercial swimming pool algae control and to combat bacteria. Chlorine breaks down unwanted bacteria and algae from the water making it cleaner and clearer. However, chlorine not only can cause burning eyes and dry itchy skin, it can also result in more serious issues if not used correctly or if it is ingested or absorbed too heavily through the skin.

Bye, Bye Chemicals!

There are two primary natural pool treatments to consider: ozone for pools and an ionization system. The Clearwater Pool System combines the best of both worlds, offering both ionization and ozone. It is extremely efficient in swimming pool algae control. And, while it does not completely eliminate the need for chlorine, it significantly reduces it, giving you the closest thing to a chemical free pool possible.

The MineralPURE ionization system uses a micro-processor control box and a scientifically designed set of electrodes composed of copper or copper/silver to disperse ions into the water, thus purifying it.  The ions then remain in the water providing positive residual effects. Ozone for pools – including OzoneMax – oxidizes bacteria and algae, causing them to clump together and be captured by the pool filter.

Once installed, the Clearwater Pool System is easy to maintain and pays for itself. The health benefits, environmental and financial benefits are well worth the investment!