Swimming Pool Water Treatment Systems – Don’t Let Them Drown You

No one enjoys swimming in a dirty pool and who could blame them. It is also true that no one enjoys swimming in a pool that has algae and bacteria that is visible to the human eye. It is not just common sense that this is not healthy for you, it is also not enjoyable to anyone involved. When swimming you want to relax and enjoy the activity in clean, clear and safe water. To keep your swimming pool as clean and as enjoyable as possible, it is crucial that you have a water treatment system in place. Swimming pool water treatment systems are used to effectively treat and sanitize the water in your swimming pool. These systems treat your water using measures alternative to chemical treatment. Chemicals used to be the mainstream way of treating your swimming pool, but this is no longer true. The market of swimming pool water treatment systems has drastically changed over the years.

How Technology Effects Your Swimming Experience

It is hard to look out in to today’s world and find something that has not been directly affected by technology. This reigns true for swimming pools as well. With the growth in technologies and their applications, it comes as no surprise that it is also used in swimming pool water treatment systems as well. With systems such as ionization systems and ozone systems, technology now allows you to treat and sanitize your swimming pools’ water with a reduced amount of chemicals if not completely eliminating them all together. By reducing chemicals and using treatment systems your swim can be even healthier for you!

Types of Swimming Pool Water Treatment Systems

There are two main types of water treatment systems for your swimming pool. These include ionization systems and ozone systems. Ionization systems use micro-processor control boxes that send electrode signals out into the water. The electrode signals when released eliminate algae and bacteria in the water. Ozone systems help to treat swimming pool water by using ozone gas to sanitize and clean the water through oxidation of waste materials. Both of these swimming pool water treatment systems provide profound health benefits in comparison to chlorine.

These treatment systems come in a large range of models and sizes. There are models that will treat very small residential style swimming pools and there are also models that can help to treat very large swimming pools such as those in commercial waterparks. Depending on what your needs is exactly, the cost for a swimming pool water treatment system could range from a few hundred to a several thousand dollars.

The treatment system in your swimming pool is one of the most important decisions you will make in regards to your summer fun, so please choose responsibly.