Get Rid of the Green- Swimming Pool Algae Control

Everyone loves the happiness and enjoyment that can be had from owning a swimming pool. With all of the joys though, there are some downsides and the most common downside among pool owners is controlling algae. Algae, in moderation, is good for the aquatic environment and allows a healthy level of bacteria to survive. However, algae, like anything else in excess, is not good. It is not appealing to the eye, nor is it healthy for your pool and swimming environment.

Factors in Algae Control

Swimming pool algae control does not have to be a headache and is actually quite simple. The most important key in controlling algae is limiting the amount of chlorination and chemicals within the environment. There are a few different ways of limiting chlorination and the need for chemical additives. Two of these options are pool ionizers and ozone systems.

Ionizers such as MineralPURE are copper or copper/silver ionization systems designed to reduce the need for adding chlorine. This need is eliminated through implementing the micro-processor control box that is designed to send a signal to electrodes that are made of safe natural minerals. These electrodes then release ions which in return help to eliminate algae in your pool.

Ozone systems such as Ozone Max help with swimming pool algae control by eliminating chlorine residues and killing irritants such as bacteria, molds and viruses. Ozone systems cut back on algae by using ozone gas to clean and sanitize the environment by oxidation of negative waste material.

The Ultimate Combo

Ionization systems and Ozone systems can be used in conjunction with each other to make up the most powerful and affective swimming pool algae control system available in the world today. Combining an ozone system such as the Ozone MAX system with the MineralPURE ionization system you will be guaranteed crystal clear water that is of higher quality than the approved drinking water within the United States.

Models are available of both types of systems in a variety of different sizes to fit you needs. Whether you own your own swimming pool for personal use, or you are the owner of a waterpark with multiple indoor and outdoor pools, the use of ozone and ionization systems will lead to a better swimming experience all around.

The time to take action is now. Before it gets out of control and prevents you or your guests from enjoying some much deserved relaxation and enjoyment, act now. Not only will implementing one of these systems cut back on algae, it will also be a much healthier and happier swimming experience for everyone involved. Take control today and don’t let swimming pool algae control you this summer.