Signs of An Unhealthy Pool

Swimming is a fun and enjoyable activity that burns a lot of calories and is often viewed as healthy. However, swimming in a pool where the pool water balance or pool pH control is off can quickly turn a healthy activity into an unhealthy one. Whether you have a pool at your home or swim in public pools, our next series of articles will include some red flags indicators of an unhealthy pool.  Let’s get started.

Cloudy Water

If the pool you plan to swim in has cloudy water, then you need to re-consider. Both private and public swimming pools can become cloudy when the pool water balance is off and/or there is poor pH control. Often times, cloudy water also indicates numerous particles in the pool as a result of heavy rain, lack of filtration, or little or no water circulation.

Strong Chlorine Smell

If you smell a strong chlorine smell, it is generally not a good time for a swim. While it is often thought a strong chlorine smell indicates too much chlorine, the contrary may be true. The pool water balance could be off and the smell can be caused by chloramine, which is produced when too many contaminants exist for the chlorine to properly clean.

Our next article will cover more signs of an unhealthy pool.

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