What Is Muriatic Acid and Is It Harmful?

Muriatic acid (HCl) – also known as hydrochloric acid – is a strong, corrosive acid that is commonly used to help with swimming pool pH control.  It is designed to help with pool water balance by reducing pH levels. Muriatic acid has a pH of less than 1.0, making it more than one million times more acidic than neutral water.

Adding acid to a pool creates carbon dioxide (CO2) which helps stabilize pool water balance. While muriatic acid is effective in helping with swimming pool pH control and pool water balance, it is still a harsh chemical. Chemicals, even diluted, can cause irritation and reactions in some people. Muriatic acid must be handled very carefully as it can cause severe and sometimes deadly burns as outlined in this case report from the National Institutes of Health/National Library of Medicine.

Clearwater Pool Systems has developed a revolutionary new pool pH control system that safely delivers CO2, thus promoting a healthy pool environment. Our proprietary product is calledpHPUREÔ, a CO2 pool system that delivers a calculated, safe CO2 injection for pools.  The pHPUREÔ CO2 pool system integrates perfectly with our

MineralPUREÔ pool ionization system and OzoneMAXÔ ozone pool system.

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