Alternative to Chlorine for Your Swimming Pool

Why You Should Consider Chlorine Alternative Swimming Pools

Incorporating a chlorine free pool treatment system such as The Clearwater Pool System can have several benefits to your health. Although chlorine is considered a pool sanitizer, the standard amount used in pools can have several adverse effects.

High levels of chlorine are even worse, causing strong a smell and even throat, eye and skin irritation.

Additionally, chlorine can react with other compounds such as some body lotions, sun creams and cosmetics. People with chemically treated hair can also be affected by chorine in the swimming pools. In fact, blond hair has been known to turn green in some individuals.

Let’s look at the top three reasons why The Clearwater Pool System is an ideal swimming pool treatment system:

  1. It is the closest to a chemical free pool that you can get. While you may still need to use some chemicals, The Clearwater Pool System reduces chlorine use in residential and commercial swimming pools by up to 95% and 75% respectively.
  2. When it comes to swimming pool treatment systems, The Clearwater Pool System is the most affordable and efficient.
  3. The two-part ozone and ionization system is proven to control bacteria, viruses and algae.

Don’t risk the health of your family or guests by continuing to rely on harsh chemicals. Pool water chlorine alternatives are being used by hundreds of homeowners, resorts, water parks and other businesses to help reduce chemicals, cost, and health problems associated with chlorine.  Contact us today to learn more!