Why You Need a Salt Free Pool

Here are some scientific reasons you need a salt free pool. Did you know chlorine is a known carcinogen (a cancer causing agent)? Many people have switched to salt pools thinking they are no longer being exposed to chlorine. Unfortunately, the saltwater pools actually generate chlorine, and people with saltwater pools are still swimming in toxic chlorine. Many people are actually allergic to chlorine and may not know that saltwater pools still have chlorine. The only healthy alternative is a salt free pool that uses a mineral ionization process, which will allow you to either greatly reduce your chlorine content or completely eliminate it with the use of ozone. This is possible through a NASA licensed mineral ionization technology called MineralPURE and sold by Clearwater Pool Systems. MineralPURE passes a low DC voltage to electrodes, which generate positive ions from natural copper or copper and silver that last a long time to cleanse your pool water naturally.

Chlorine is Toxic to Your Health

Chlorine bleaches your clothes, and it leaves a smell on your skin and in your hair. Chlorine is known to be harmful to the environment and causes toxic fumes that are harmful to the lungs. It is also dangerous to work with and store. In a salt free pool, you will not absorb toxic chlorine through your skin. Your skin is the largest organ in the human body, and most people greatly underestimate its importance. Anything that comes in contact with your skin is actually absorbed into your digestive system.

Chlorine does not kill viruses, although it kills bacteria and algae. It is a well-known fact that copper ions help kill algae, while silver ions help kill both viruses and bacteria. That is why NASA licensed the MineralPURE system as a healthy alternative to chlorine.

Salt Free Systems Save You Money

A salt free pool will not only reduce your health risks but it will also save you money because the MineralPURE ionization system lasts a long time and requires less maintenance and expensive chemicals.Salt is corrosive and quickly breaks down equipment causing you to have to replace expensive parts often. Additionally, you will save money on skin moisturizers and shampoos that you need when you swim in chlorine.

OzoneMax is a product alternative for your salt free pool. Ozone is the strongest disinfectant in the world and fifty-five times stronger than chlorine. OzoneMax is a system sold by Clearwater Pool Systems that releases ozone into the water. The ozone molecule binds with the oxidizing substance, which can be body oil, suntan lotion, viruses or bacteria. The substances are then formed into clusters and filtered by the pools system easier. Ozone returns to oxygen once its third unstable electron is removed. Ozone is safe and will not cause any harmful side effects.