Just What Is a Pool Ionization System Anyway?

When it comes to the term pool ionization one of two things is going to come to mind. One is that you are amazed and completely satisfied with the super-efficient pool optimization system that you already own. Then there is the second thought, which is more likely, especially if you are anything like the majority of the population has no idea what a pool optimization system even is. The most important question you should be asking yourself is “do you need one?” The answer is yes, if you would like a clean, clear and healthier swimming pool.

The Benefits of Ionization

A pool ionization system is a great alternative to adding all of the traditional but harmful chemical solutions to your swimming pool. When you install an ionization system, your swimming pool will have water that is clear and clean to look at and swim in with your friends and family. After all, isn’t that what you deserve to have all year round?

It doesn’t stop there either; there are even more amazing benefits to installing a system in your pool! For example, you can add 18 different health benefits to your water alone just by adding a pool ionization system, you minimize corrosion to your pool and equipment, and you are also benefiting the environment by reducing chlorine absorption into the earth. Another key feature to these systems in a swimming pool is that they kill harmful algae and bacteria that live within the water. These systems usually pay for themselves in about two years due to the elimination of chemicals. Just think of all the time in money you will save, not to mention how much healthier you will be when swimming in a swimming pool with reduced chemicals all year round. It is easy to see that the benefits of one of these systems highly outweigh not having one it at all.

The Varieties

No matter what your specific needs are, you are guaranteed to find a great pool ionization system at a great cost. You can find these systems in a variety of sizes ranging from small ones that treat as little as 10 gallons of water all the way to larger ones that treat swimming pools and spas exceeding 60,000 gallons. Whether you have a residential, commercial or industrial need, there is a system out there for you. When you take into consideration all of the benefits and conveniences that installing an ionization system will bring, it is easy to see that in the long run, the save money and they make sense! So it is clear to see that a pool ionization system is great alternative to using chemicals. So to answer our question, yes you absolutely need one if you prefer to swim in cleaner, healthier water!