Factors to Consider when Choosing a Chlorine Alternative for Your Swimming Pool

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Chlorine Alternative for Your Swimming Pool

There are many reasons why you should consider pool water chlorine alternatives. Chlorine has been a preferred pool sanitizer for many years. However, chlorine emits a strong smell and causes additional problems.

Same Problems as Chlorine

There are numerous chemical alternatives to chlorine on the market.  However, they also have undesired side effects similar to chlorine, including allergic reactions for some people. Let’s not forget to mention the expense.  Continually purchasing chemicals can be just as costly – and in some cases even more costly – than chlorine.  What good is chlorine free pool treatment if it carries the same risks and hazards of chlorine?


It is important to consider the maintenance that comes with the various pool sanitizer options you are considering, as some alternatives to chlorine damage the systems of your swimming pool.  The costs definitely add up as you continually have to repair and replace your systems over time.

The Healthy Alternative to Chlorine

The Clearwater Pool System is arguably the safest and most effective swimming pool treatment system on the market. And, it is the closest solution you can get to a chemical free pool. Consisting of both ozone and ionization, the Clearwater Pool System is a chemical free pool system that reduces the need for chlorine by up to 95% in residential pools and 75% in commercial pools.  Best of all, it has been proven to control algae, bacteria and viruses.

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