What You Should Know about Your Alternative to Chlorine

If you have a swimming pool and you have someone who is allergic or sensitive to chlorine, you may be looking for the best alternative to chlorine to use in your pool. For many years, chlorine has been used as the main sanitizer of swimming pools.

However, there are people who are allergic to chlorine while others are just sensitive to it. This implies that such people may not be comfortable swimming in a chlorinated swimming pool while others may not swim at all.

Fortunately, you can ensure their happiness and comfort by using chlorine alternatives in the swimming pool. Chlorine alternatives are chemicals that do not have chlorine as their active ingredients. Others have little amount of chlorine in them. The amount of chlorine in these sanitizers cannot affect people who are allergic to chlorine.

It is true that non-chlorinated swimming pool can have bacteria that can have great damage on your health. In some cases, the bacteria can affect your health more than chlorine. However, chlorine is not the only chemical that can be used to eliminate these bacteria in a swimming pool. There are other methods that can be used to eradicate harmful bacteria in a swimming pool.

They include ozone and ultraviolent filtration. Ultraviolent filtration entails irradiating water using ultraviolet light. This light kills the bacteria in a swimming pool. This technique is used as an alternative to chlorine because it ultraviolet light sanitizes water as they enter the swimming pool. However, ultraviolet filtration does not have residual cleansing property. This implies that it cannot kill the bacteria that are brought by new bathers in the water.

Ozone can also be used in sanitizing a swimming pool. This is because it acts as an oxidizer. However, just like ultraviolet filtration this technique can also assist in the sanitization of water entering the swimming pool only. It also lacks residual cleansing property.

Due to their lack of residual cleansing property, both ultraviolet filtration and Ozone are used with other sanitizers that can stay in water for some time. This explains why other alternatives such as silver-based systems and peroxide based systems are also common among swimming pool owners.

Nevertheless, when opting for any chlorine alternative it is advisable that you make necessary considerations. Find out what makes one alternative better than the others and why you should opt for a certain alternative instead of others in the market.

There are many chlorine alternatives in the market. Nevertheless, you should know more about the alternative to chlorine that you choose for your swimming pool before investing in it.