Help! My Pool Water is Cloudy

Help! My Pool Water is Cloudy

A Chlorine Free Pool System Can Help

There are numerous reasons why your pool water is cloudy – many of which involve chlorine.

For instance, if the chlorination in your pool is inconsistent, cloudiness can occur. Or, if the conditions have been optimum for algae, there could be an excess of algae in your pool that is dead or dying, causing your pool to become cloudy.

Many people try to save money on their energy bill by using their pool pump and filters for less time. However, this not a good idea, especially in very hot weather. You need to run your pool pump at least six to eight hours a day to keep the water clear. Chemical imbalances in your pool can also cause cloudiness.

While chlorine free pool chemicals and chlorine free pool shock may be options, there is an alternative to help you achieve clear water without chemicals. The Clearwater Pool System combines the technology of ionization and ozone to help achieve the closest things to a chlorine free swimming pool as possible. Featuring heavy duty construction and accommodating up to 50,000 gallons, this chlorine free pool system works in any residential swimming pool or spa. It is safe, chemical free, and considered to be “nature’s” way of treating water.

While no solution offers a completely chlorine free swimming pool, the Clearwater Pool System can reduce chlorine use in residential pool by up to 95%. Check out our FAQ’s to learn more.